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Congrats to Andrea Horwath, new Ontario NDP leader.

She won in impressive fashion:

Andrea Horwath will replace Howard Hampton as leader of Ontario’s New Democrats, becoming the party’s first woman leader. The Hamilton-Centre MPP won the job with 60 per cent of the vote after three ballots at today’s leadership convention..Horwath becomes the second woman leader to head a major Ontario political party, following Lyn McLeod of the Liberals, who lost the 1995 election to the Progressive Conservatives.

With the Conservatives in some disarray after John Tory’s byelection loss and resignation, and that party having to hold their own leadership convention, Horwath has a chance to bolster the NDP’s profile, which could possibly lead to more seats for that party. Do I mind a strong party of the social democratic left? Not at all. Heck, I’ll even cheer for them to get official opposition in the next election.

Like other Liberals, I wish her luck, but not too much. 🙂


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