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Clueless Conservatives

Threatening to run attack ads against Iggy? Well, here’s a nice little preemptive strike on the Conservatives by a very creative “Gritgirl” on Youtube that shows what we’d be throwing right back at them. That list isn’t even including some of the job closures in southwest Ontario, in such places as Wallaceburg, Tilbury, Tillsonburg and so on. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples of job losses out there to choose from to show that the recession in Canada (or the “cyclical downturn”, as Harper, the self-declared economist calls it) is causing a lot of hurt, and the Conservatives are unable or ideologically unwilling to act.

(H/T Warren)


8 comments to Clueless Conservatives

  • Big Winnie

    Truth hurts doesn’t it Conbots?

  • kwittet

    Harper should do like Obama and spend billions more into useless programs that will prolong the recession and really make sure that we are screwed for a long time.

    Best idea yet is to totally purge ALL of them in Ottawa FIRE EVERY DAM MP all of them in all parties and start new.

    The problem is that no one really knows how to get us out of this mess. My opinion is that the best way out is DEEP TAX CUTS for everything. If the people that stil have jobs and the companies that are still open have more cash to spend then they will spend it and it should get things rolling again. I know some people hate tax cuts because they think the goverments need to take care of every aspect of our lives but I for one want less intervention. Look at what is happening in the US. The biggest expansion of goverment in history is going to result in the biggest tax increase in history and they are going to be paying off this package for the next five generations. Do we really need to spend like drunken sailors here so the results can be same here? We already have very high taxes and I for one am sick of paying for social programs that are benefiting for the most part a bunch of lazy people and some that really need it. The whole system makes me sick and it needs radical change or we might as well just throw in the towell to total socialism. We are half way there now.

  • James Hoobey

    “the Conservatives are unable or ideologically unwilling to act.”

    What do you call the stimulus bill?

    Are you really this fucking dishonest?

  • Roll Tide


    That is true.

  • MississaugaPeter

    Getting on Youtube is simple. Getting into the living rooms of everyday Canadians is not.

    One is relatively inexpensive. The other is not.

    If MSM continues to discuss/run articles/broadcasts about Youtube videos, then WK and the Liberals will win easily. If MSM realizes that they lose much needed ad revenue every time they discuss Youtube videos, a different scenario emerges.

  • Roll Tide

    Bad news, its McGuinty’s fault. He is not doing enough.

  • @Skinny Dipper – The list is long and big.

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