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Bev Oda channels Sarah Palin

A report gets issued on Afghanistan today. Amongst other things, that report details this line about polio worsening in the country:

“Humanitarian conditions in Afghanistan are poor and deteriorating. …the resurgent incidence of polio have aggravated the plight of the vulnerable and created new needs.”

A member of the media came prepared with a question about this:

One reporter wondered how it was that, despite millions of vaccinations, there were more reported cases of polio in 2008 than the year before.

A very good question. Bev Oda’s response?

“Well,” Oda responded, “polio is a disease where we saw that it was decreasing and we saw it was increasing.”


When you’re making Sarah Palin look like a policy brainiac, you should get the hint you’re in over your head a bit, shouldn’t you? If not Oda, her boss the PM should. Then again, this type of answer to the press probably pleases him and the PMO to no end. Canada has our very own version of Sarah Palin in the Conservative government, and her name is Bev Oda (and I have the feeling Harper and company don’t mind one bit).

UPDATE @ 7:49pmTony Clement is not far behind Oda on the Sarah Palin comparability scale:

Federal Industry Minister Tony Clement says he was caught off guard by U.S. Steel’s announcement that it would idle most of its operations at two Hamilton-area plants…Tuesday’s announcement will put 1,500 people out of work.


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