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OMG! The Liberals are fundraising!!!


This was NDP MP’s Chris Charlton’s shocked reaction on CTV, when he she  heard the Liberals were using the news of impending attack ads by the Conservatives on Michael Ignatieff to rally their supporters with a Liberal email fundraising response. Apparently, that’s out of bounds during an economic crisis. Unfortunately for Chris, Steve has already documented at his blog how utterly hypocritical he’s she’s being, if he’s she’s representing the NDP’s position on this. I for the life of me can’t believe the NDP public relations folks told him her to go out there and use those as talking points – he she MUST have been winging that statement (he she better have, or the NDP needs new talking points in a hurry).

Look, anyone who reads this blog knows that though I’m a Liberal supporter, I don’t make it a habit of going after the NDP on this blog. In fact, being on the left of the party, I have a fair bit of empathy for the NDP’s positions, and everyone knows I’d have had no issue going into a coalition government with them.  But, when an MP like Charlton comes on and pretends to be SHOCKED, SHOCKED at the fact that one party may be using the actions of another party to fire up their own base, when his her own party participated in both actions.. I can’t let that go.

UPDATE @ 11: 18 pm: Slight mea culpa: Chris Charleton is a she, not a he. I apologize.. for that part 😉


10 comments to OMG! The Liberals are fundraising!!!

  • mikeharris

    March 3rd, 2009 at 3:29 am
    janfromthebruce – has two sets of rules. The rules are anything she can do to attack Liberals at every point on the blogosphere. Mustn’t be much work to be done on her publically paid job.

    SLG dont slam Janfromthebruce just yet
    ask scott what he does to earn an income

  • catherine

    That is amazing. Chris Charlton thinks it is terrible for the Liberlas to fundraise now to counter attack ads, but not terrible for the NDP to fundraise now to launch attack ads. Where do they find these people?

  • slg

    janfromthebruce – has two sets of rules. The rules are anything she can do to attack Liberals at every point on the blogosphere. Mustn’t be much work to be done on her publically paid job.

    Hey, like Layton isn’t an opportunist of the worst kind LOL

  • A reader

    I saw that panel too, and I think the point being made was that the Liberals have a bit of audacity to raise money over an issue on which they claim to be waging war against the Conservatives, when in fact they’re not prepared to put their votes behind their so-called principles. Good enough to fundraise on, but not good enough to vote against.

    Everyone is falling over themselves to associate themselves with Barack Obama, the new Liberal leader chief amongst them. But the audacity of hope unfortunately did not rub off on Iggy. With him it’s not “Yes, we can” … rather it’s “Well, we could have, but we’d rather let Harper stay in office and take the heat for us, besides which we’d rather die than let the NDP sit in cabinet”.

  • janfromthebruce

    You know Chris is right – there is this huge market meltdown, and the crap is hitting the fans in an unbelievable way, and Iggy’s big concern is “all about him.”
    Iggy is no victim and he made his bed so he can lie in it. Iggy choice to partner with Harper.
    After all his spin of “stable govt” and saying that takes presidence over anything else, he than starts talking of bringing the govt down after just propping them up. It was always about him.
    Personally, I am glad Iggy went with Harper – the neocon lite and the neocon have lots more in common, such as being both hawks on Afghanistan, throwing away Gaza, tar babies for the oil sands, and loving neoliberal policies – the same ones that has brought us the global meltdown.
    Maybe Iggy liked to fundraise for people who are losing their jobs – or better still – using all that liberal power to change the EI problem – the one that the libs created in 1997.
    And if liberals want to raise money for the “poor me” Iggy fund, go ahead – it’s all about an election that will cost 300 million to crown prince Iggy and ordinary Canadians be damned.

  • janfromthebruce

    LOL, I wondered when someone would comment that Chris is female. thanks impolitical. relax all, we all fund raise.

  • Scary, aren’t we? LOL…

    Can’t wait to see the money we ALREADY HAVE in the coffers being used…

    Hey Stevie… this leader hits BACK – twice as hard – just remember that!

    I’m reminded of a scene in Happy Gilmore when Happy (the Adam Sandler Character) says, “Looks like someone learned to putt…” to the bully – the typically conservative-like “Shooter” McGavin…

  • Ian

    That’s fair. I know in late Dec and early Jan the NDP used the coalition and Harper’s economic update to rally a lot of donations. Then all they did was put a couple radio ads out attacking Iggy after he voted for the budget.

  • Next they’ll be selling memberships! SHOCKING!

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