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You’d think they’d have more important things on their mind..

Right now in Canada,  we have a tanking economy. We have a lot of job losses. We have important things for Parliament to be debating, like making sure this stimulus package works and that the money spent is transparent and not wasted, and fairly spent across all parts of Canada in a non-partisan manner. You’d think that like in the US and President Obama, the main focus for the Conservative government would be on the economy, to try and minimize the damage of this recession as much as possible.

Yet what have we seen out of the Conservative government the past week?

– We have Defence Minister Peter Mackay and the Defence Department trying to fool the media -and doing a good job of it, unfortunately – and fool the public into thinking the  Cold War with the Russians  has revived (while all their military promises for beefing up the Arctic have been nothing but bluster)

– We have Stephen Harper borrowing Bush’s speech lines  in declaring Iran “evil” to the Wall St. Journal editorial board on Sunday. My guess is he’s trying to get invited to the CPAC conference next year – auditioning as the de facto Conservative leader in North America.

– We have Conservative backbenchers suddenly re-starting up their slagging in pre-Question Period of Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff (and we also have Conservative cabinet ministers trying to slag people as well, except one of them was foolish enough to do it outside of the House where there is no parliamentary immunity. I’m pulling out the popcorn for that show).

And lastly, and no doubt related to the prior point, we have leaks to the press from government sources (anonymous of course) confidently predicting that Conservative attack ads will start up very soon.

All this as the aforementioned economy is tanking, and we continue to get bad economic news. Yet,  all the Conservatives have managed to do this week is be in the news for anything but that reason, trying to find things to distract people from the economy. As Impolitical says at the prior link at her blog, don’t they have anything better to do?

Apparently not.  But that doesn’t bother me, because I think all of this is cumulative, and I think the Canadian electorate will not put up with this nonsense and games-playing in this serious economic crisis.


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