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The American right-wing pundits have heartburn.

Rich Lowery from the National Review on Obama’s sorta-State of The Union address last night:

He’s trying to redefine extensive government activism as simple pragmatism, and if he succeeds, might well shift the center of American politics for a generation.

You can almost see the fear in Rich’s eyes when you read this, can’t you?

Oh, and I can’t forget Bill Kristol, one of the neo-conservative war-mongers down there:

This was not the speech of a man who even contemplates the possibility of using force within the next year to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Heh.. no more foreign wars, and that’s a bad thing, Bill?

The shrillness and hysterics on the right will get worse as Obama’s term goes on. In fact, when Obama starts his plan of some sort of health care reform (which won’t be single-payer such as Canada) expect the cries of “socialist” to get even worse.


4 comments to The American right-wing pundits have heartburn.

  • Roll Tide


    Carter meant extremely well, I had the pleasure of meeting him in Plains, in his Sunday School class.
    Maranatha Baptist Church.
    I recommend anyone to make the trip, and meet a historical figure. You do not have to pay huge sums of money to meet him, like other Presidents…read Clinton, Bush. Its free. It speaks volumes of the man. Camp David was his doing, and no one can ever take that away from him. His post President work with Habitat, Guinea worm disease, river blindness, malaria, trachoma, lymphatic filamentous, and schistosomiasi, are a testament to his faith.

    Carter as President, was naive regarding the Soviet Union and Iran. Make no mistake about it, those hostages were released when they were, because the Iranians did not want to face Ronald Reagan.

    Regarding GWB and “adventurism” …Iraq, I assume. Many Democrat’s voted for it including Clinton and Kerry. Iraq is now a democratic state, and the Americans are withdrawing. Was the war fought perfect, NO!. Neither was world war two. Ask the residents of Dresden.

  • Wars make industry rich and the people poor. WW2 left a debt. Korea – debt. Vietnam – debt. GW (Gulf War) 1 – debt, GWII – debt… Afghanis-nam – debt.

    Tide: I think you misinterpret the post (or in the words of the right wing hero: “misunderestimate”). I think the implied point is that “adventurism” will cease. No more phoney wars searching for non-existent WMDs. I think Barack was very clear to “America’s enemies” that he will act – and he said this with his first few words as President.

    Consider Obama more “Clinton-esque” and less “Carter”.

    Remember too, that Carter actually GOT the hostages freed, but the mullahs held off on the release until AFTER Carter was “retired” from the Presidency. They perceived Carter to be their enemy. Mere minutes after Reagan took office the word of the release was sent to American officials – and it made Reagan look good – for something he had done nothing about.

    Carter was made to look like a pacifist in that situation – even though he was the one who worked tirelessly to get the release – and avoided an ugly war in the Gulf. His actions helped America keep much needed Arab allies (like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait – and Iraq/Saddam). These allies of America helped defeat Iran in some pretty murderous campaigns in the 80s (with the help of lots of US hardware).

  • Roll Tide

    “Heh.. no more foreign wars, and that’s a bad thing, Bill?”

    Hey, Jimmy Carter felt the same way in 1976, and we all know how that ended.

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