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Conservative historical revisionism

I was just thinking how much of that has gone on lately when I was reading Impolitical’s blogpost about what the latest talking points for Conservative operatives admirers seems to be on major media sites. It isn’t just CTV either.. you see it on the Globe and Mail all the time, and you’ve seen it increasingly on the Toronto Star’s online comments section.

What amused me last week during Obama’s visit was how Conservatives were falling over each other repeatedly trying to claim how much Harper and Obama were alike, how their policies were going to be similar, and how things were going to be great with these 2, and how that got repeated verbatim online, both at those media sites and at blogs. Of course, if one were to go back to those same sites a few months ago before the Presidential election took place, you’d have seen quite a different story – all those same sites had commenters and blogposts raving about Obama not even being an American citizen, Obama being a socialist/Muslim sympathizer, and so on.

Now of course, we have Harper claiming – both last week and during his mini-American tour this week on select conservative news programs – that Canada would have LOVED to have done climate change plans, but we couldn’t because of big bad ole’ George W. Bush. He also is bragging about how Canada’s banking system is the strongest in the world right now – which is true – but he conveniently seems to be leaving out the fact he opposed those regulations that Paul Martin imposed on the banks when Harper was in opposition.

I hope it’s more then us progressive blogs who notice all these Conservative attempts to re-write history. The media should be calling this out whenever this historical revisionism is attempted (and to be fair, at least in the case of the climate change claims, I have seen some media calling Harper out on it).


7 comments to Conservative historical revisionism

  • Roll Tide


    Not sure if why you seem defensive, most Liberals are proud of it. Western Grit feels Liberals should declare victory in forcing Harper to increase the stimulus.

  • generayburn

    @Roll Tide

    Remember, Liberals like to tax and spend.

    Oh really? How do you explain the Conservatives and how do you scientifically measure your broad statement?

  • Roll Tide


    Actually I agree with some of what this western grit gentleman has said.

    To the detriment of the economy, the stimulus is a little larger then it should be. If Harper had a majority, we would have a smaller stimulus.

    “Surely, Converting Canada’s most ardent right-winger into a “somewhat” center-right leader is a victory for us”

    This is also true for the Reform Party.
    They claimed many policy victories.
    Remember, Liberals like to tax and spend. Manning rightly claimed credit for Paul Martins focus on spending cuts and deficit reduction. Reforms other major victory was the Clarity Act. They were vilified as anti-French when they first proposed it, and lone behold Chretien realized it was sound policy after he almost lost the country in 1995.

  • While Harper is completely re-writing everything he has ever said, or believed in, he does so only so he can get the extra 10% or so in the polls to get a majority (at the new lower Conservative poll numbers).

    It is excellent to imagine that if Harper isn’t lying outright (then planning on “going ballistic-conservative” with a majority), then we have already won. Surely, Converting Canada’s most ardent right-winger into a “somewhat” center-right leader is a victory for us (and that doesn’t mean “spending” – Liberals don’t create massive deficits – I mean his lip-service to the environment,etc.). I mean, if we’re all in this to ensure that our ideology gets advanced (and not any one person), then we have already won.

    Harper (of old), and his ideologue backers and the Conservative hordes from the “West-land” have already lost. They just don’t know it yet.

    There was a theory put forth in a book some many years ago (I believe in the 80s), that spoke of how after WW2’s loss the Japanese planned to defeat America economically, and by replacing or buying American companies, destroy the industrial base. While the Japanese were successful in mothballing most of American industry (“outsourcing” began with the Japanese onslaught), they didn’t end up “defeating” America. They DID, however, set up the conditions for it. Japanese companies took over the post war consumerist boom… Japanese goods (many now made in China and SE Asia) replaced American goods. We still prefer them (cars, electronics, appliances, etc.). The slow death of American industry left the nation a “service economy” with the only growth being real-estate and shady stock market deals…

    Back on track: Perhaps we’ve won by forcing Harper to change, and destroying Conservative ideology in “popular political Canada”? Maybe we’ve succeeded?

    I doubt it.

    Harper is continuing in his “anything for victory” ways (see Ziturak tapes, income trusts, etc.), and the sheep suit will come off the day he enters a “majority situation”.

  • Roll Tide

    Harper always said that tying Canadian industry with “climate change” regulation while the Americans didn’t would put Canadian companies at a disadvantage. Chantel Hebert said as much last week on the CBC.

    I recall the Liberals fighting and winning an election on overturning NAFTA and abolishing the GST. They came to power, embraced both, and took credit for the economic results these two major structural changes to the Canadian economy.
    If Harper was for the bank mergers,he never made it much of an issue, we never saw an election fought over it.

  • @CWTF – You seem to be more concerned about the fact you don’t like Iggy then what Harper is doing… even in a blogpost has nothing to do with Ignatieff at all.

  • CWTF

    We can only hope that Iggy will not to be Obama-like also, right?

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