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Beware of false prophets.

The current Minister of Immigration “Curry in a Hurry”, Jason Kenney would be one such person that this title would apply to. Don’t believe for a second that his attempt (and the Conservatives in general) to curry favour among Canada’s ethnic communities is anything more then pandering for votes, as past statements from Kenney and Harper would show they hardly have any natural sensitivity towards this demographic.

I would hope that Minister Kenney is just as outraged by this nickname given to him by his Conservative colleagues as he supposedly was when he did the sideshow Bob act at that Chinese restaurant a couple of weeks ago, but I won’t hold my breath.


15 comments to Beware of false prophets.

  • Roll Tide

    If Minister Kenny was trying to pander for votes, why would he recommend the Federal Government cut off funding to the Canadian Arab Federation?

    Liberals are silent, and afraid to speak out. It seems “Curry in a hurry” is more important.

  • EM

    The minister is in a hurry to garner ethnic votes for the majority. Some of his supporters find it hard-going but he gets a laugh out of it. Jerky con!

  • sanwin

    What planet are you coming from ?

    Curry in a Hurry is supposed to be offensive ?

    Go get a life, for friggin sake.

  • Roll Tide

    Well said Tom Johns. I think Kinsella is so angry at himself over his own racist comments on the Chinese, he grasping for any type of cover, however absurd. It just makes him look foolish.
    Thank-you Scott for bringing Kinsella’s absurdity to our attention. He keeps neutralizing himself.

  • Tom Johns

    rool tide:

    That is *exactly* the Curry In a Hurry Restaurant of which I wrote. The Asian owners and staff, created the name, undoubtedly not to be self-mocking, or self hating.

    I’ve yet to see a Canadian Chines restaurant the House of Cat, orsome such other wk warrin’ dimfella aberration.

    “one of these things is not like the other, one of these things is not the same.”

    dimfella’s catty comments were damaging to reputation, damaging to the cash flow of the operation. Not good things to have beating against a business, especially in these current times of financial difficulty and distress.

    dimfella sounds racist.

    The Curry thing? The self deprecating fat thing?

    The first is a normal situation which partiaand dorks, in faux self-righteous indignation are feebly, and in spectacularly unsuccessful fashion, trying to launch and re-launch one of the most bogus, and in it’s stupidity, one of the most marvelous acts of self-immolation and self mockery one could ever possibly conceive.

    The second item, is one I relate to as well. We live on a continent heavily, largely populated by overweight, fat or morbidly obese adults and an ever-growing number of youngsters. Light humour and self mocking, inserted here, can be one form of a coping mechanism and a stress reliever.

    The feigned injury and suffering is nothing less than bald-faced attempts at diflecting attention away from warrin’ dimfella’s vile conduct.

    Have you chuckleheads have no integrity? No shame?


    t.e. & o.e.

  • Tom Johns

    1990’s. A plaza situated between U of Waterloo and Wlfrid Laurier U, in beautiful Waterloo ON.

    Fave restaurant for my kids when I visited them at these two Univeristies? A place called Curry in a Hurry. A few years later, a U of Waterloo M.F.A. grad, heading a group called White Courtesy Phone released a CD which featured one cut called Curry in a Hurry.

    Undobtefly an homage.

    In spite of WK’s fatuous, flailing, failing efforts attempting to somehow link the two, Curry in a Hurry is nothing at all like WK’s scurilous attempts, deliberate or not, at undermining an Ottawa-area Chines Food Restaurant with his vicious sidewinder slap-down of clearly having stated that said Restaurant actually sneaks cat meat onto patron’s plates.

    All of this, in gory and vivid detail, unknown to mere mortals, all of it auto-recorded on his own cell phone, posted to his web site. WK’s mental melt down has been considered by many activists to be more than bizarre. In some quarters, many are apalled by this deranged work of a professing RC, self-proclaimed lawyer, self-hyped and alleged ‘international human rights’ activist and supporter.

    A full-time volunteer working on behalf of parachuted Liberal biggie ‘Michael’ Ingatieff, this week’s Official Leader of the Opposition, warrin’ dimfella is proving to be an embarrassing major liability as well as a tremendously disruptive presence in the Iggy camp throughout this session of parliament .

    Here Ignatieff is presented as a near pathological has-been who, time and time again, re-demonstrates his vault ofpoor judgement and direct responsibility for various facets of WK’s inane contentions listed above. With no control over his war machine

    And . . .that’s me, going to be get gone in a flash!

    Ciao bambini!


    t.e.& o.e.

  • Roll Tide

    If Kinsella is using this as war room material after the writ is dropped, Harper is in good shape.
    You guys are unbelievable.

  • Darrell

    Anybody who takes offense at Kenney’s statement is doing so because they want to be offended.

    I have no sympathy for people who take offense at the most trivial remark, and expect the rest of us to wring our hands on their behalf.

  • There’s a difference between saying it, and calling someone the same thing. How bout we ask someone who’s family eats curry how they feel? Oh look I’m one. It’s offensive.

  • Maureen

    I think the test is if the ethnic community in question is offended. Clearly Kinsella’s remarks on cat meat offended Chinese, however ‘curry in a hurry’ is an often heard expression in the southeast asian community and is not deemed offensive.

  • Originally Posted By Rool TideIs Steak and Shake offensive to Americans?

    A quick google and you have a lot of curry in a hurry recipes, restaurants etc.

    This is not offensive.

    Insinuating a Ottawa Chinese restaurant serves cat, is. Kinsella knows it, thats why he apologized.
    Good try at moral equivalence though.

    So the Conservative caucus calling someone “Minister of curry in a hurry” is not offensive because someone wrote down a recipe for curry in a hurry somewhere?

    That’s lame. This is offensive, particularly so because it’s institutional.

  • “OMG, next he’ll be telling some woman to stay at home and bake cookies.”

    And that would be JUST as offensive you simpering cretin.

  • OMG, next he’ll be telling some woman to stay at home and bake cookies.

  • Rool Tide

    Is Steak and Shake offensive to Americans?

    A quick google and you have a lot of curry in a hurry recipes, restaurants etc.

    This is not offensive.

    Insinuating a Ottawa Chinese restaurant serves cat, is. Kinsella knows it, thats why he apologized.
    Good try at moral equivalence though.

  • “Pandering” and “currying favour” are the right words. All this playing to the immigrant voter has nothing to do with actually responding to the diverse and legitimate needs of people. It’s all about saying what people want to hear to try to grab votes.

    I wrote about the Ontario PC’s attempts to do the same yesterday (here). I have no idea how these guys expect to reconcile their plans to curry favour with immigrant voters when they have party members running around blaming immigrants, multiculturalism, tolerance and “urbanisation” for the country’s/province’s woes. Unless, of course, the media doesn’t do it’s job, which is kind of what the Conservatives are banking on.

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