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Obama and Ignatieff dicuss Omar Khadr.

True to his word, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and (presumably) Bob Rae discussed Omar Khadr with the President today. Here’s part of the discussion President Obama had with Iggy over the Khadr file, as made public by the Liberal leader:

The leader of the official Opposition said Obama told him that the detainees are being classified at different levels. But he did not indicate in which category Khadr was being placed. The president indicated he “was glad to know that the Canadian party is concerned about Mr. Khadr,” Ignatieff said. Ignatieff (also) said he told Obama if the Liberals form a government in the future that “we would be helpful to the Americans in respect of this and other matters relating to getting us beyond the Guantanamo Bay world.”

As Harper is trying to still ignore this issue, it’s good that Ignatieff did raise it and bring it both to the public’s and the President’s attention.  That subtle little bit at the end there by Iggy saying that the Liberals would do all they could to help Obama close down Guantanamo  was also a subtle little dig at the total inaction on the part of the current Conservative government, and a way of letting Obama and his administration know that Liberals believe part of this process is repatriating Omar Khadr.

UPDATE: H/T to Impolitical about finding the CTV interview with Bob Rae’s impressions of the meeting with Obama, and the issues discussed.

UPDATE 2: Nice picture of Iggy and Obama over at Warren’s site. A good picture for Ignatieff to keep when he becomes Prime Minister.


3 comments to Obama and Ignatieff dicuss Omar Khadr.

  • Mil1ion

    I’d prefer Khadr with his siblings and mother be flown directly to where the fighting is in Afghanistan and dropped with a a handgun and loose bullets so they can fight to the death the country they so apparently love,instead of coddling them and making a mockery of Canada by taking advantage of everything good about Canada while dissing this nation of ours. Throw the bums out and let them die on the battlefield. Omar should have been shot on sight.

  • Yes, that is a fabulous photo of Ignatieff and Obama. I would so much prefer to have Ignatieff as PM than Harper.But: I cannot overlook Ignatieff’s feeble utterances regarding the suffering of the Gaza people and what seemed like a defense of Israel. Also, last year he voted against the mandatory labelling of GE food.
    He will have to have a stronger position on many issues before he gets my vote.

  • CTV covered this better than CBC.Not good news.

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