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History made

Governor-General Michaelle Jean meets President Barack Obama

Barack Obama meets  Governor-General Michaelle Jean.


8 comments to History made

  • Daria by the lake

    What a hit they were! He seemed to quite
    fancy her, the way he was leaning into
    her and smiling that incredible smile of his.
    And she, well she was beaming full intensity
    like a lightbulb! I could feel the electricity all
    the way to Toronto!

    when they first met that is, later they
    remembered the cameras hehe

  • anon

    Obviously a Raven’s fan!

  • slg

    Geez – everyone knows GG is for Governor General…duh

  • jjjjdddd

    If you’re from Ottawa you’ll understand this…Whnat the f***’s a GG?

  • slg

    I like Michelle Obama and all, but don’t they (Obama and GG) make a really attractive couple?

  • Photo Caption:

    Mr. President, please understand that when you meet PM Harper understand that he is not to be trusted,…

  • slg

    I just looked over at an American blog….and the first response was “the Governor General is a hottie” – not one mention of Harper. Tee,hee, hee

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