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21 957 Canadians help AVAAZ ad appear in Washington Post.

I haven’t confirmed that yet, but that’s what Emily Murgatroyd of Desmogblog said today in a blogpost. You might remember I mentioned this ad; it was to do with Avaaz warning President Obama to take Stephen Harper’s climate change plans with a grain of salt. Well, if what Emily says is correct, enough Canadians (21 957 of them) donated to the ad in time, and it appeared on page A3 as a full-page ad in the Washington Post.

Not bad for a 36 hr campaign. One thing I will say though; I do think Avaaz would have been better served giving more notice about this type of fundraising ad campaign so they didn’t cut it so close. I think that should be kept in mind for the future for any similar type grassroots fundraising in response to a specific event.


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