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Ignatieff to raise the issue of Omar Khadr with Obama

I posted an item a couple of days ago saying that I hoped if Harper wasnt going to raise the issue of Omar Khadr with Obama, (and with his public relations hack Kory Teneycke claiming that Obama was unlikely to raise it either) that Ignatieff would do so in the 10 minutes meeting he gets to have with the President.

Good news on that front today:

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff will raise the fate of Omar Khadr — the only Canadian imprisoned in the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay — when he meets Thursday with U.S. President Barack Obama. The Liberal leader has taken on a campaign, along with other opposition leaders, to repatriate the 22-year-old detainee and recently urged Obama in a letter to release Khadr immediately…Ignatieff added, he intends to congratulate Obama on his decision to close the U.S. prison camp. “We want to help Mr. Obama in any way we can to bring the Guantanamo Bay episode to a close and that necessarily means that Mr. Khadr, a Canadian citizen, should come home and face justice in Canada,” Ignatieff told reporters in Quebec City.

So, despite Harper’s efforts to avoid that topic, Ignatieff will ensure that Obama hears the point of view about why it is felt by all opposition leaders and an increasing plurality of Canadians that Omar Khadr should be repatriated to Canada. I’m very glad to see Michael stepping up to the plate on this issue and not backing off of it.

UPDATE on prior story: AVAAZ was 2/3 of their fund raising goal towards placing that ad in the Washington Post tomorrow, urging Obama not to give in to Harper trying to exempt the tarsands from greenhouse climate controls. We’ll see if they can make it or not.


8 comments to Ignatieff to raise the issue of Omar Khadr with Obama

  • Roll Tide

    An American medic saved his life after he killed one. The hard left in this country are going to will treat him as a hero.

  • dillon

    One day Iggy supports detention and torture. Next day hewants to release all the prisoners. Tpical Harvard mediocrity. No principles of excellence just the quota system.

  • “It is beyond the capacity of Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff to grasp that problem?”

    Again with the party centric crap, which denotes weakness. The NDP are advocating a fair trail and confidence in the Canadian system, why do you omit that, because it really undermines your partisan attack. I’m not saying you’re wrong about the legal advice, but give it a rest with the selective outrage.

  • Well, I hope that some of them are aware, as many Americans are, that Obama has been getting serious legal advice, warnings that for the U.S. to try Khadr in any court of law would undermine an entire body of international law.

    Let me repeat that: would undermine an entire body of international law.

    It is beyond the capacity of Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff to grasp that problem?

  • Joe Comartin, NDP Justice Critic. “Omar Khadr is a Canadian. And as a Canadian he deserves the support of Canada to ensure that he gets a fair and just trial, and is not further subjected to indefinite detention, questionable legal process or cruel and inhumane conditions. He must be brought home.”

    “We are confident that the Canadian justice system is competent to adjudicate the appropriate legal consequences for Khadr, bearing in mind his age at the time the alleged acts occurred.” Jack Layton

    What the hell do these clowns mean? Sheesh.

  • “What the hell does Ignatieff mean by “face justice” in Canada?”

    I think he means let the Canadian courts decide, like all citizens accused of a crime. What, you don’t have any faith in our legal system? Layton has used the phrase about a billion times, but good for you finding fault in Ignatieff, when really the criticism is a GIVEN. Hello.

  • What the hell does Ignatieff mean by “face justice” in Canada?

    Khadr was (a) a child soldier; and (b) probably innnocent, as evidence published by even the NYTimes suggests.

    If Ignatieff, like Bob Rae, feels that he still has to be spiking the scare stories about making sure that Khadr doesn’t present some kind of threat, then he is selling out an entire body of international law, very hard fought for over generations, law that has been shown to be most effective (in Liberia, eg), for nothing but the sake of political spin and his own pretentious hide.

  • foottothefire

    Good. Now we’re getting some where.

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