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The Shaidle/TVO Recap.

So, TVO ended up bringing her on the show. They left a pseudo-explanation that Warren detailed over at his site. Basically, they sloughed it off, or wimped out, or didn’t think it through very well, or all the above.

I didn’t watch The Agenda (the show she was on) because I had better things to do then see if she would make a mockery of TVO (truth be told, I was out curling). However, a couple of brave souls did decide to watch it, and the best recap I can find is this one left by Montreal Simon. Some rather amusing screen caps as well. I do want to apologize to him, though, if I got his hopes up about a barn-burner of a show; perhaps Kathy was cowed from the firestorm she and TVO caused. (One thing: If she really thinks Obama is a “Marxist professor”, I’d hate to see what she calls the rest of us who are politically left of Obama).

That all said, I do encourage you to keep writing them to display your dissatisfaction with her being given a forum.


6 comments to The Shaidle/TVO Recap.

  • Typo. Dimensionalism. Sorry.

    Thanks Scott, I wouldn’t have watched an otherwise interesting show without your efforts.

  • Because of Scott’s prolific blogging I watched the show.;^)

    It’s up at TVO.

    I don’t understand what TVO producers were thinking.

    Kathy Shaidle was in way over her head, wasn’t a counterpoint voice, wasn’t representative of anyone or anything that made any sense to me as a viewer or a blogger (familar with her views and behavior) One dimenionalism doesn’t come across well on TV does it?

    Another very telling moment (other than the Marxist comment) was when Ms. Shaidle attempted to act puzzled by Ms. Vospers anger and frustration at a news producer who had juxtaposed react of a tragedy. I’m pleased Paiken and the panel would not permit her to go off on a verbal boot stomp. She is quite out of her depth when that is taken away.

    Dr. Dawg had this to say about Ms. Shaidle’s appearance on that panel:

    “For surely Hell is being forced to discuss everything except what matters most to you.”


  • LMA

    @Beijing York – Shaidle’s ignorance was exposed when she called Obama a “Marxist professor”, and when Dr. Buckman asked her in amazement to confirm this comment, which she did. As I recall, Paikin only intervened when her comments became personal toward another panel member. I think she had little to contribute because she realized she was outwitted and outclassed.

  • Steve Paikin is a skilled moderator and Shaidle was no match for him and the rest of the panel. This is what educational TV is meant to do – educate, not censor.

    I don’t disagree but Paikin made sure that she was shut out by deftly ignoring some of her more contentious points and not allowing others to question what she meant. IOW, the host functioned as the censor board and Shaidle did not get exposed as the hate mongering crack pot that she is. And that is unfortunate.

  • LMA

    I enjoyed the show, particularly the wisdom of Dr. Buckman, and think it was brave of TVO to include Shaidle in the panel. Steve Paikin is a skilled moderator and Shaidle was no match for him and the rest of the panel. This is what educational TV is meant to do – educate, not censor.

  • If Obama is a Marxist Professor then the Chinese Government are Capitalist, Free Market Entrepreneurs.

    Christ is as dumb as freaking bag of cow shite.

    I watched the show, and after she released some of her amazing brain farts, the rest of the guests and hosts ignored her completely. You basically got the feeling that they wish they had a kiddie table that they could bannished her to for the rest of the show while the adults discussed the real issues in an intelligent manor.

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