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Update to TVO post

Warren has posted a few relevant updates to his original post about the TVO situation and their “Five Feet of Fury” guest, who by the way is going to be there as a “religious writer” to comment on the atheist billboard campaign on buses. (Her guest profile at TVO lists her old Relapsed Catholic blogsite, not her new one).

There are plenty of good bloggers out there – and ones with religious content – that are also able to comment on this issue that I’m sure TVO could have found that are a LOT less toxic then Ms. Shaidle. Let them know that when you contact them. They ARE hearing us at TVO, as Warren has mentioned at his site; from blogposts and calls and emails. Keep it up.

Also, I was granted permission to post this letter to me anonymously from a reader:

“My father contributes a lot of money to public television, and isn’t a fan of arrogant racists. His protest will be withdrawal of funding with an explanation of why.”

I don’t like hurting public broadcasters, particularly usually excellent ones like TVO, but if that’s the only way to get their attention, then so be it.

UPDATE: Adding to the list in the prior blogpost, more bloggers writing their opposition to Shaidle being a guest on TVO.

UPDATE 2 @ 3:36 pm: Unfortunately, according to BCL, TVO has decided to keep Shaidle as a guest tonight. Apparently, all “that stuff floating about” on the internet didn’t convince TVO or The Agenda’s executive producer, Dan Dunsky that it would have been better not to have Shaidle on. Quite frankly, Dan, there was nothing “floating around”. What she has said is on the public record, on her own website.

Don’t let up the protests though. Continue to contact them to register opposition, and if you have been a donor before, mention how that might not be so forthcoming in the future because of this travesty, til they fix the apparent flaw of allowing hate-mongers on TVO’s shows.


2 comments to Update to TVO post

  • Nox

    It’s intensely frustrating that extremist vitriol wins a public stage while the rational thinkers who can contribute to a public dialogue in an authentic and meaningful way get pushed aside in favour of sensationalism.

  • Anyone can go to the Agenda site, find Steve Paikin’s blog, and add a comment to his latest post, where it will be relevant. When I got there, I found several friends had already posted, so at least we will be heard there.

    I suspect the best we can hope for now is that Paikin will find a way to grill Shaidle about views so extreme he probably can’t repeat them on TV. But he’s a good interviewer — if he doesn’t find a way, I’ll be very disappointed.

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