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Harper’s hack calls Khadr letter a “stunt”..I wonder what Obama thinks.

I didn’t expect much  from the Conservatives today in the way of positive reaction over the 3 federal opposition parties joint letter to Harper and Obama requesting the repatriation of Omar Khadr to Canada. Thus, It wasn’t surprising to me  to hear that Kory Teneycke, the Conservative government’s spokesperson, called the letter   “playing politics” , and the  Omar Khadr’s defense team’s proposal for re-integration of Omar into Canadian society “a PR stunt”.

His rather belligerent attitude caused the Canadian Press to state that it was highly unlikely the issues surrounding  Omar Khadr would be discussed, after Kory Teneycke  publicly went on to say he didn’t expect either leader to bring it up. I don’t doubt Harper won’t bring it up, but what about Obama?  This letter, I suspect,  was more crafted to appeal to President Obama then it was to Prime Minister Harper, as it has become rather obvious the Canadian government is going to do absolutely nothing on the Omar Khadr file until the Obama Administration forces its hand.

It would be nice if Obama or his spokespeople would indicate publicly or privately off the record they in fact would be bringing Khadr up to Harper, if only to see what the reaction of the Conservative government up here will be if Obama will be doing exactly that. There would be no doubt a lot of squirming. We’ll have to wait and see if Obama will indicate to anyone if he intends to do so.


4 comments to Harper’s hack calls Khadr letter a “stunt”..I wonder what Obama thinks.

  • kwittet

    harper has dropped the ball on this only by not putting pressure on the US to either hold a trial or send him back to Afghanistan where the alleged crime took place and have a trail there..
    why should the working canadians have to spend money on a trial here when the alleged crime took place over there?
    I know…
    very sad indeed when your party put thier own political ambitions before what is really best for the country

  • kwittet

    let him rot in jail somewhere else..i dont get some of you..
    are you so caught up in trying to make harper look bad on this that you cant see what is really right or wrong??
    take your eye off of harper for a few moments and think logically..

  • foottothefire

    I didn’t like “the letter” and said so on my blog but let there be no doubt that Harper continues to play to low down, racist dirt bags. The leader of political pimping of Omar Khadr is Stephen Harper. Expressing phoney indignation through another one of his talking bobble-head demonstrates Harper is a coward as well as a bully.

  • Well, that heartless authoritarian fascist Harper is something that rhymes with “stunt”…

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