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Opposition leaders write joint letter to Obama and Harper on Omar Khadr

Since the death of the coalition government option, there have been some hard feelings between the three opposition leaders. Today, however, they have put aside their differences and sent a joint letter to both President Obama and Prime Minister Harper, asking President Obama to release and repatriate Omar Khadr to Canada, calling on Harper to support that measure and work with the governments of Ontario and the law society to help with Khadr’s re-integration and supervision, as well as asking President Obama to transfer any evidence of wrongdoing that the US has to Canada so that if appropriate, charges would be laid here.

The PDF File of the joint letter is below.



2 comments to Opposition leaders write joint letter to Obama and Harper on Omar Khadr

  • kwittet

    I still cant believe that there are some who think we should spend tax payers dollars here for a trial when the alleged crime took place in another country. but that I suppose is what you do when you are PANDERING to the ethnic vote which is where the liberals get support from. but hey..thats politics..its has nothing..nothing to do with what is right or wrong..just get those votes and make sure the polls look good…and YES..that applies to all parties.
    I have become very disallusioned lately with everything political. I see huge spending by governments that is going to do nothing but make sure my kids and there grandkids pay taxes through the nose for the next 100 years to pay for this.
    Oboma has admitted that he is not sure if his trillion dollars will work????? WOW..that is NOT GOOD…and he is the new hope???
    I wish them well..cause with him running the show..they are really going to need it.

  • I’m glad they’ve done this, although I have a lot of concerns about what Canada will do with Omar once he’s home.

    And this is narky — I try not to do this online too often — but these are, after all, national leaders, and this letter is going to two heads of government. The English version of that letter needs a copy editor. Punctuation bad in very first para (correct in French), one glaring misuse, very clunky sentence structure.

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