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A suggestion for Sandy at Crux of The Matter.

After reading the apparently serious outrage that Sandy has over this obviously satirical post Danielle did on Friday, I’d say to Sandy to find a sense of humour (Even if you don’t find the post funny, Sandy, learn to read the tags at the end of the blogpost – such tag words as “humour”, “POSTS NOT TO BE TAKEN TOO SERIOUSLY”, and “satire” among others should give you a hint that the whole post was meant to be facetious).

Is that all too simply obvious, or am I missing something? Maybe they’re a tad more sensitive over there on the right-wing side of the blogosphere about the rather bad week Harper has had, and the fact he threw them and their Conservative grassroots beliefs all under the Budget bus then even I had thought.

UPDATE @ 9:16 pm: It seems Sandy got embarrassed and removed that blogpost (anyone get a screenshot of it before it was removed ? Is it in Google cache still?), but if you’d like to see a condensed version of the outrage that was prevalent in the post, just check out Sandy’s comment at Danielle’s site here.

UPDATE 2: Haha – witness the miracles of Google cache.


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