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My guess is you’ll hear crickets chirping over at Blogging Tory Central HQ.

I think it would be real enlightening to see what the folks at the comment board of a hypothetical Stephen Taylor blogpost detailing today’s news of the Conservatives dropping the Chuck Cadman libel lawsuit against the Liberals would be saying now, and comparing it to all the bravado and the cries of triumph in anticipation of a presumed legal victory over at Taylor’s site when Harper and the Conservatives entered this now obvious frivolous lawsuit that was attempting to silence the Liberals on this issue.

That’s of course presuming Mr. Taylor will bother putting something up on yet another Conservative climbdown, but who knows, maybe Stephen will surprise me and get on his blog (or on his guest blog gig at Macleans) to reassure Conservatives and media alike that this is all part of the Harper master plan.


4 comments to My guess is you’ll hear crickets chirping over at Blogging Tory Central HQ.

  • An word from any of the Blogging Tories about this defeat? Other than Sandy’s faux outrage about Danielle’s excellent satirical post

  • EM

    Amusingly, CTV played the incriminating tape on the news today. Bob Fife commented gleefully. They couldn’t muzzle the CTV media evidently now that Duffy is gone.
    Mind you, this news was out on a Friday. I hope we hear the tape again next week.

  • Lorraine

    The most prevalent rumour is that having Harper drop the lawsuit was Ignatieff’s price for supporting the budget.

  • Here’s the spin we will hear, if ANYTHING. The Cons achieved their goal of bleeding money from the Liberals for lawyers. The suit shut up the opposition, and didn’t allow election ads with Harper’s voice. Lame, but when you’re beat, you can’t be choosy.

    One good counter, the Conservative supporters spent money, so the party could hire an expert to say the tape was unedited. Ouch.

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