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Deep thought.

I think Senator Mike Duffy has really found his true calling in life. This senatorial job he’s now got really allows him to show off and display his ultra-partisan mindset that many of us knew he had all along on his political television show.

(By the way, call this my blogentry equivalent of a Twitter post. I really don’t “get” Twitter.. so I thought I’d post a short Twitter-type political entry to see if I could figure out its appeal, and I don’t.)


3 comments to Deep thought.

  • slg

    Twitter – another silly gimmick.

    You know, Duffy should know he has work to do in the senate and it’s taxpayers of all political stripes that pay his salary – you know the salary and perks he used to criticize.

  • I don’t get twitter either. I have people on LiveJournal that post “tweets” there and 99% of the time they make no sense at all. Not quite as bad as text messaging, but not that far off either…

  • Joseph

    Twitter is for people whose thoughts on any subject – any subject at all, from the meaning of life to laundry detergent – is about 7 words (maximum, with abbreviations).

    So it is wildly popular!

    U Sux so duz Harpie

    See, that was easy ;).

    PS U don sux btw

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