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Vote Conservative or else…

No funding for you!

A review of the first billion dollars of project-specific announcements made under the Building Canada Fund since 2007 shows that more than three-quarters of projects were in Conservative-held ridings…Of specific infrastructure projects announced across Canada in 2007 and 2008, 77.8 per cent of them were in Conservative ridings.

This is when they spend any money at all:

In the first year following the launch of the $8.8-billion Building Canada Fund, the Conservative government flowed zero funding to infrastructure projects. Worse, last week officials at Infrastructure Canada admitted that of the $1.5 billion announced in its first two years of budgeted spending, only $80 million has flowed for municipal infrastructure projects across the country

They better spend their stimulus money a lot quicker, and instead of engaging in pork-barrel politics, they better make sure that it goes to all ridings regardless of how the riding voted, not only to Conservative ones.

[email protected] 6:05 PM: Per Calgary Grit’s request in comments, here is a list and breakdown of the ridings that were funded by the Conservatives.


17 comments to Vote Conservative or else…

  • Roll Tide

    Grand Mère Hotel and golf course, a couple of million in federal grants and loans to Shawinigan businessmen Yvon Duhaime and Pierre Thibault.
    The Human Resources Development billion dollar boondoggle.
    A fire arms registry at over a billion dollars. How many lives could have been saved if that was directed at health care.

  • kwittet

    and this is different to how chretien and his cronies spent on liberal friendly ridings? quote a famous saying

    whats a billion??

    too funny

  • This seems like a blatant violation of “probation.”

    I wonder if Iggy is going to do anything about it?

  • Gee, if only we had a different government we could have changed this. How did the Liberals vote on the budget again?

  • I see pork is alive and well in the Harper gov’t!

  • We will have to e-mail the Prime Minister to cancel the overhaul of Union Station, cancel the extension of the Yonge and Dounsview subway lines.

    When you e-mail him, can you maybe just ask him to return the Mayor of Toronto’s phone calls? You see, the Cons announced all this funding awhile back (a few times I think), but the city seems to be having trouble getting the feds to actually release the money.

    Oversized novelty cheques are cool, but they don’t build subways.

  • Ok, lets leave roads, flood control and clean up out of this

    Conservative Ridings recieving monies for Urban Infrasture projects

    Northlands Exhibition facility – 25 Mill
    Art Gallery of Alberta Expansion – 10 Mill
    Kinnear Centre for Creativity and Innovation – 15 Mill
    Centre for Sport Excellence – 40 Mill
    Calgary Stampede Park Western Legacy Project – 15 Mill
    New Cambridge Performing Arts Centre – 6 Mill
    New Burlington Performing Arts Centre – 1.5 Million
    Downtown Conference Centre – 4 Mill
    Multi-purpose at IPSCO Place – 20 Mill

    136.5 Million spent in 9 CPC Ridings

    Non Conservative Riding recieving monies for Urban Infrasture projects Projects

    Ottawa Congress Centre – 50 Mill
    New pavilion for Canadian art at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – 13 mill
    Quartier des spectacles – 40 mill
    Musee National des beaux-arts – 33.7 mill

    136.7 Million spent, in five non CPC ridings, of that, 60 percent of the ridings are in Quebec and 63.4% monies was also spent in Quebec.

    Oh, of 136.5 Million spent in CPC Ridings, 105 Million of it was spent in Alberta in five different ridings.

    So it seems that Alberta is the one that is getting the preferential treatment here, even among CPC ridings, if you ain’t an Alberta Voter, you really don’t matter to Harper or the CPC

  • Roll Tide

    We will have to e-mail the Prime Minister to cancel the overhaul of Union Station, cancel the extension of the Yonge and Dounsview subway lines. After all, they never voted Conservative. Harper is far too kind to those Torontonians.

  • Roll Tide

    @The Right

    Your right!

  • more infrastructure gets spent in rural areas which are overwhelmingly Tory.

    But would that be because they have more infrastructure needs, or because they’re overwhelmingly Tory?

    As fellow urban dwellers Dan, I’m sure you’ve noticed a few pressing infrastructure needs around these parts…

  • Not to stand up for Steve on this one, but it is possible this is an urban/rural thing…more infrastructure gets spent in rural areas which are overwhelmingly Tory.

    It would be good to see a bit more of a detailled riding-by-riding breakdown of this.

  • Ted

    Two separate issues folks.

    1. The Auditor General is saying that the Conservatives are exerting little to no control over federal spending in certain areas. It is federal taxpayer dollars, raised and put into the budget for certain specific purposes and based upon certain promises that Harper made. But he has given away his ability to make sure his promises are kept. So he says he’s putting $X billion into clean technology or public transportation, when he is in fact not. The Big Lie is so much easier to maintain than the little lie.

    2. At the same time these guys are mismanaging or lying about federal transfer dollars, they are in fact mismanaging federal dollars as well: classic pork barrel politics – spend infrastructure money on the ridings that showed loyalty to the party.

    Once upon a time, conservatives actually said they were against such things. Once upon a time, I actually believed them.

  • The Right

    Roll Tide don’t you know that if the government would have put more strings attached to the monies going to the Provinces,that the Premier of NFLD would have been leading the parade down main street saying “what a scandal that Ottawa is trying to control how we spend our monies.” Including the opposition!

    We all know that this would have happened.Someone please tell me otherwise!

  • Roll Tide


    So the Conservative are transferring money to the provinces, so they can spend as they see fit. Does that mean that Dalton is only going to spend the money only in Federal Conservative ridings? What would brother David think?

  • Ted

    Worse still.

    The Auditor General reports today that the Conservatives have been exercising no control over spending of billions of dollars for specialized programs.

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