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Some summaries of things I’ve read today.

A few of them:

Shorter Toronto Star: If Prime Minister Harper is going to accept Washington’s request  to take some political refugees unjustly held at Guantanamo, you will look rather hypocritical if you don’t also repatriate Omar Khadr at the same time.

Shorter Canadian Food Inspection Agency (and by proxy the Conservative government): Just because we’ve had a deadly listeriosis outbreak recently on luncheon meat does not mean that will dissuade our ideological position of having less “government intervention” in industry. Therefore, we’re going to weaken food  inspections on poultry too, and let the poultry industry police itself and hide the results of inspections.  We’re confident lightning won’t strike twice.

Shorter Steve Janke:  I can write whatever the heck I want to about people, whether its in error or not (and dont expect a retraction unless shamed into it).

Shorter Steve V: A presidential visit? This looks like a presidential afterthought. Maybe relations aren’t that cozy between Ottawa and Washington right now.


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