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A rather safe prediction.

Despite his recent stints of underperforming, I still think John Tory (leader of the provincial Progressive Conservatives) will win this traditional Conservative safe seat  in the byelection that’s been called for March 5, and he finally will get into the Ontario legislature (whether the rest of his caucus wants him to or not).

If he doesn’t, then the PC’s in Ontario are in worst shape then I thought, and moving further to the right won’t help that, as some PC potential leadership contenders and MPP’s assert (but I won’t stop them from believing that).


2 comments to A rather safe prediction.

  • I’d say that at this point John Tory is favoured but don’t count out Rick Johnson and the parade of Liberal Ministers that will be in the riding. Tory has already made his first blunder – he openly admitted that if he wins he won’t run in the same riding next time. In otherwords, he convinced a locally popular MPP to quit for him and he’ll show no loyalty to the riding.

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