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More conservatives whining about the budget

Yes, folks, more Conservatives whinging about the budget that the Conservative government tabled. Today’s edition of Conservative complainers comes to us from the Toronto Star op-ed pages, courtesy of Rob Mitchell, who was a senior aide to former Ontario Conservative premier Ernie Eves, and occasionally contributes a column to the Star.

Rob’s op-ed can more or less be summarized as “This budget is all the Liberals fault.”, though to be fair to Rob, he at least conceded Harper’s partisan antics in the now-discredited fiscal update last November was a “grievous error in judgment”. That’s as far as I’ll go though in the credit department, because in the next breath, he’s bemoaning the fact the opposition leaders won’t put aside “partisan brinkmanship” and work with each other for the common good of fixing Canada’s economy. In otherwards, shorter Rob Mitchell: It’s Liberal blackmail that’s forcing the Conservatives to put out a Liberal-type Budget, and why wont the opposition leaders roll over and play dead to let us do what we want to do?

Rob seems to have forgotten rather conveniently in the space of  less then 1 paragraph that Harper was the one whose failure to do what Mitchell bemoans is what has put the Conservative government in the situation it is in today.

UPDATE: Hah. Dan must have seen this column the same time I did. He mentions the other part of the column, where Mr. Mitchell decides to take cheap shots at Ignatieff’s ancestry.


3 comments to More conservatives whining about the budget

  • Roll Tide

    I am encouraged by the disenchantment with the budget by Conservatives.
    All the pressure on Harper is from the leftist media, three big spending political parties, and of course NFLD to spend, spend, and spend more on “stimulus”.
    It needs to be balanced by some on the right who believe in prudent responsible outlays.
    Harper’s budget is for more prudent then Obama’s 800 Billion “stimulus”. He can be proud of that.

  • Jason Townsend

    Has there been enough of this now to call it a post-budget media blitz?

    Janke – that’s influential media figure Janke to us – was in the Post spinning the Williams-uber-alles angle of the NL protest vote.

  • Dan

    Haha, great minds think alike!

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