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A thought on all this orchestrated Budget leaking.

I saw courtesy of Impolitical yet more “hints” and leaking as to what the Budget will contain. You know, at one point not too long ago in Budget history, ANY leak of details regarding a Budget would cause serious repercussions – up to and including a faster release of a Budget then its original date (remember Michael Wilson doing that in the Mulroney era?) and even the resignation of the Finance Minister – with a full investigation of where the leak came from almost certainly to follow.

Now, we not only have leaks, but government orchestrated leaks, including and up to the Prime Minister himself, openly signaling that he will have tax cuts that will be “permanent” (which is similar to what George Bush tried to have done, and what I think is a very bad idea, but that’s another blogpost for another time).

I guess the moral of the story is, when you’ve got a bunch of people in government desperately trying to stay in power, leaking key details that is an obvious attempt to try to get public and media support for the Budget, and trying to pressure the opposition (see Liberals) to support the Budget means anything goes – including the confidentiality of the Budget details.

[email protected]:11 pm: Diane Finley joins in the government Budget leakfest, saying middle-class taxcuts are needed to stimulate the economy, as well as saying she “expects to see” 1.5 billion $ spent on retraining. In otherwards, it will be in there.

Explain to me again why the media needs to be locked down on Budget Day again? The whole day is going to be anti-climactic at this rate.


5 comments to A thought on all this orchestrated Budget leaking.

  • Angelle

    the old saying that you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all the time may true, but that certainly is not stopping Harper the Cons from trying with any and all tactics. If you can’t fool them, confuse them with rhetoric and and empty promise. The “economy” is not a stand alone commodity but is the people and the work they do and what that produces.

  • robert

    There is every liklihood Harper has played this card once too often and Canadians aren’t ready to take his word for anything.

  • Great site- here’s what I think. Harpo & co. are setting Canada up for a long-term permanent takeover of our banks in this budget.


  • Frankly Canadian

    Seems to me like they’re treating next Tuesday’s budget release the same way they run their election campaigns, a whole lot of anouncements that equal one fragmented platform.

  • slg

    Notice that Harper’s handing out money into areas where he lost votes? He’s campaigning on our taxpayer dollars AGAIN.

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