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“13 Billion Reasons…and Counting”

That’s the name of a new Facebook group that has been started up by one of my former Liberal blogging colleagues.

Those who aren’t Liberal probably wont join it, as its premise at the end of its summary is that there are 13 billion reasons and counting to vote Liberal at the next election, but I liked his description of the group and why it was formed:

According to a report released by the Parliamentary Budget Office, the current projected deficit for 2009-10 is $13 billion. Over five years, the deficit is currently projected to be $46 billion. In three short years, “economist” Stephen Harper and the Conservative government has turned a $12 billion Liberal surplus into a $13 billion deficit. This $13 billion figure does not include any stimulous measures to protect jobs and savings that will be proposed in the next few weeks, adding to the deficit. What do we have to show for this $13 billion? How many jobs could Harper protect if he still had this money?

Indeed. Harper and the Conservatives have deliberately short-circuited government finances over the past 3 years because their very ideology opposes government having the means to help their citizens through social spending. So, they’ve tried to be clever, couching tax cuts as a populist means of gaining votes, while trying to ensure that even if they were voted out, they would tie the hands of future governments for years to come.

Unfortunately for them (and for us), they were too clever by half, and we now face a situation where the economy is in recession, and in danger of cratering… and the very funds we would have had in surplus that could have been used aren’t there. Now, Harper and his bunch are forced to do what they abhor, but their ideological obsession has cost us dearly. These folks are bumblers and don’t deserve the reputation of being wise financial managers of the economy. I believe the most recent polling on this issue are starting to bear out Canadians are starting to realize this.

For more on the Parliamentary Budget Office report, check out Impolitical


10 comments to “13 Billion Reasons…and Counting”

  • kwittet

    Rolltide…well said!! If Harper had taken every liberal economist and put them in a room and said get me a good budjet these yo yo’s on this site would still criticise it because Harper in in power.
    Has Harper done a good job financially? Not really. When the whole worlds economy is taking a huge shit is there really anything Harper or anyone can do to shield us from this? The funny thing is that as soon as Harper announced he was going to run huge deficits I thought he HAD hired liberals to draft this budget.
    and of course the Liberals had surpluses…Chretien and his band of merry pirates downloaded everything onto the provinces whom in turn downloaded to the local governments and no one had enough cash flow to fix the infrastructure…so in reality now we are going to pay through the nose for past liberal actions.
    I like the fact that Obama is going to make sure that everyone is the US is going to pay for this bailout for the next 500 years. lets give banks monsy..after they raped us..the consumer for years…now..go try to get a loan..they wont give sector..they made there own dam mess

    in my opinion the best way out of this and it is alot cheaper for both Canadas and the US govts is to give every person between the ages of 18 and 65 1 MILLION dollars to spend
    and spend it they will..and right out of recession…but with a few conditions
    must buy a north american car
    must pay off all debts
    must have at least a part time job(if capable)
    ( i know you leftys hate that one because it is your firm belief that people have the right to sit on welfare all there life)
    just think…it would almost totally kill the need for the social safety net …taxes could be lowered a whole industry of people and goverment workers could go get real jobs and the whole country would be better off

  • Roll Tide

    November Economic statement criticised for lack of “stimulus” (another word for spending. When Harper tried to cut the government sugar daddy away from all the political parties, the left went nuts. I would have thought you all would have embraced the cuts the way your sounding now. Or is this just political. If a Liberal spends on the auto industry or infrastructure its an investment, if a Conservative spends on the same its irresponsible.

  • Roll Tide

    I am glad you Liberal Bloggers are putting the pressure on Harper on the spending side of the equation. All I read from other leftist quarters is “spend spend spend”

  • MLM

    Let’s be absolutely clear; this is a $13 billion deficit WITHOUT STIMULUS.

    And if it wasn’t for the Parliamentary Budget Officer, Harper and Flaherty would have continued to hide it in an attempt to blend it in with the required stimulus spending.

    So instead of having the funds many months ago to take early, targeted, effective action, Harper and Flaherty spent the cupboard bare, played peek-a-boo deficit with our money; and helped nobody but themselves.

    Under Harper and Flaherty, we’re already a guaranteed $25 billion dollars worse off than we were without them.

  • Great post Scott! Keep up the good work!

  • Ted


    On the contrary. Harper the self-described “economist” has shown that he is incapable of running an economy the size of Canada’s and that he is in over his head.

    Better to get a team in there that has a proven experience in prudent and effective management of the economy and our finances.

    Spending went down under the Liberals and up under the Conservatives (way up, record breaking up).

    Liberals balanced spending, debt reduction and moderate tax cuts and ended up balancing the budget for almost a decade. Conservatives so overspent and gutted tax revenue that they squandered the surplus, squandered the contingency fund and have created a deficit. That is not good preparation or planning and these economic times require good planning.

  • Roll Tide

    @ Ted

    I aggree, its too much. Lets be thankfull the Coalition never got in. NDP-Bloc-Liberal demands would head us in massive Obama like spending and bailouts.

  • Oemissions

    Infrastructure costs to support the use of automobels is : $189 Billion.
    Go figure.

  • Ted

    That’s $13B that are caused by Harper’s record-breaking spending and it is BEFORE we factor in his huge deficit increases from next week’s budget.

    The man is incompetent. Pure and simple.

  • Roll Tide

    13 Billion is 13 Billion too much.

    The “Coalition” wanted 30 Billion. Thank God that never happened.

    Obama wants a trillion.

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