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That’s change we believe in..

..and this happened even quicker then I thought it would:

Military prosecutors have requested a suspension of trials at Guantanamo Bay on orders from newly installed U.S. President Barack Obama, sources said late Tuesday. Obama requested a 120-day continuance in the trials through the Department of Defense, sources said. If his request is granted, it means the trials will be halted, presumably until Obama makes a decision on how they should be handled, the CBC’s Susan Ormiston reported from the U.S. army base in Cuba.

Actually, it’s not the complete suspension of them, just a 4 month adjournment, but one thinks that this is step one of Obama removing the blight that was the Guantanamo Bay show-trials and restoring the rule of law.


4 comments to That’s change we believe in..

  • Roll Tide


    That fifth word you wrote was very 1950’s. Not for today, even if it was unintentional, which I think it was. The Liberal media never let a Conservatives never get away with it, while often giving Liberals a pass.

  • Dan

    That’s great, I’m really happy to see that Gitmo is on the way to the dustbin of history.

    What do you want to bet though that Harper will complain about this when Obama comes to Canada?

  • Oh, ho ho, the boy knows what he’s doing.

    He’s returning sense to the world and wasting no time about it.

    I can get used to this.

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