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Update: So-called bombshell on Khadr/Arar is a bit of a bust.

I was talking yesterday evening about how then-Public Safety minister Stockwell Day saw the entire file the Americans had on Maher Arar, which almost assuredly contained the so-called revelations that Khadr identified Maher Arar in Afghanistan in an Al Quadea camp, and he obviously didn’t find them credible.

Now, Dr Dawg has updated his story today on this with this nice little find:

And the truth, always less startling than the lies it replaces, quickly comes out:

Khadr only “stated that (Arar) looked familiar” after he was shown a photograph of then [sic] Ottawa computer engineer.” Khadr, “in time . . . stated he felt he had seen” Arar, the hearing heard.… At that time, Mr. Khadr would have been six or seven years old. The notes also stated that Khadr “felt” he had seen Arar in Afghanistan during a period in 2001 that he is known to have been in North America.

Bombshell? More like a bust.

It makes me think even more that this was a timed thing by the Pentagon and the outgoing Bush administration to try and justify their ongoing treatment of Arar, as well as trying to do a Hail Mary pass and make Obama hesitate on closing the Guantanamo gulag and halting the show-trials.

It also makes me think that if Ezra and Kate and all the rest of the right-wingnut frothys out there were smart and had any sense of self-preservation, they should be hastily retracting their comments made yesterday at their blogs.

To make the point further about how nothing out of this interrogation process can be trusted as remotely credible, check out the website “Stop Canadian Complicity in Torture” and this article:

OMAR Khadr’s CHIEF INTERROGATOR in Bagram was Sgt. Joshua Claus. Sgt. Joshua Claus was court-martialled after an innocent 22-year-old Afghan taxi driver – Delawar – was beaten to death. Sgt. Claus was the one who “got started” with 15-year-old Canadian Omar Khadr.

As I said, this info was not credible, and not worth the high-speed stream the “bombshell” was released on.


4 comments to Update: So-called bombshell on Khadr/Arar is a bit of a bust.

  • Roll Tide


    The left have long denied the term “useful idiot”, or maybe you just never knew the meaning.

  • Maybe “useful” is pushing it.

    With his usual intellectual honesty, Ezra deleted a comment linking to the Calgary Herald and Globe articles. He has a new post up today boasting that he’ll be on some conservative radio program or other to comment further.

    I hope Arar’s lawyers will be taping it. I’ve never seen a public allegation fall apart so quickly.

  • No, no one is being hard on Ezra. His question on Arar were answered years ago by Justice O’Connor. Ezra needs to be sued into the poor house for smearing an innocent man. He’s an unethical worm.

    And you, Roll Tide, are a useful idiot.

  • Roll Tide

    I think you are a bit hard on Ezra . I checked his site and he has some good questions on Arar.
    Furthermore Ezra exposes the hatred of Jews that the pro Hamas rallies espouse here in Canada.
    This anti Israel rally in Fort Lauderdale Florida, of all places, tells Jews to go back into the oven.

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