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It’s only 25 minutes into the official start of Obama’s presidency..

… and I’m feeling more optimistic and hopeful already for America and its role in the world then I did the past 8 years. Hopefully that won’t be a short-lived feeling. .. but I still think the worst of Obama would still be way better then the best of Bush.

By the way.. kinda symbolic I thought of how America has been crippled and hobbled in the world by outgoing VP Dick Cheney coming in on a wheelchair. Nothing personal against him of course, but the manner and way in which he and Bush and their syncophants virtually shredded and ignored the Constitution as well as international law in the name of fighting terrorism has sent America down the wrong path.

Hopefully Obama can get them back on the straight and narrow.. and the closing of Guantanamo prison and the suspension of the military commission show-trials will be a big first step in leading America back to the civilized world and the rule of law.


4 comments to It’s only 25 minutes into the official start of Obama’s presidency..

  • kwittet

    How many millions were over spent on all the ceromonies?
    they could have done less and shown a bit more fiscal respondsibility

  • billg

    President Obama has a long and hard path in front of him. I hate to sound cynical, but, today was about hope and change and service, yet, I wonder did anyone else notice the mounds of garbage and litter that was left after the crowds had dispersed? An hour after being sworn in as President and an hour into office, hundreds of thousands of Americans decided it was ok to leave garbage on the lawns in front of the Lincoln Memorial. I guess change and hope and service starts tomorrow. I know its a small thing and I really hope for Obama’s success, the world needs it, but, come on guys…how f*&%ing hard would it have been to pick up after yourselves.

  • I’m waiting for the official statement by Harper about this.

    I have a feeling I’ll be waiting a long time.

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