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A deep thought on Harper and Omar Khadr

Ok, maybe not so deep, but as I read this morning that the pretrial hearing at Guantanamo for Omar Khadr is delayed yet again, with Obama already saying he will close Guantanamo Bay prison, and with many doubting Obama and his new administration will even go ahead with Khadr’s trial, I wonder if Stephen Harper, in a final display of pique, would try to refuse to repatriate Omar Khadr back into Canada if and when these events all occur, and if Obama and his administration request it of Harper.

We’ve already seen Harper was alone among Western nations in refusing to condemn the Bush-Cheney commissions process at Guantanamo Bay, and alone among Western nations in refusing to repatriate Khadr. He and his government instead used it as an excuse to take no action, and we’ve now seen that he and his Conservative cronies are holding out to the last of Guantanamo’s existence in not moving to request Khadr’s repatriation. So, it wouldn’t surprise me at all that if the trial of Khadr gets terminated, and their lone excuse dissolves for not repatriating Khadr to Canada (and if need be, giving him a fair trial here, if there is evidence to do so), that they still may try to drag their feet on this – even as the most recent poll on the issue shows a majority of Canadians believe Omar should be brought home to face a fair trial, rather then some other theoretical process in the US, when Guantanamo closes.

Let there be no doubt that if this Conservative government was in power when Maher Arar was renditioned illegally to Syria and tortured as an innocent man, he’d still be there. The fact they were calling him a “terrorist” when in opposition (check Hansard), as they decried the Liberals for trying to help him get back home, and before he’d had a fair trial is proof enough of that. The lack of respect for the rule of law has been a disgrace under Harper and his Conservative cronies, and it’s sad to see that it will take a new more enlightened administration to force Harper and his government to act as they should have all along.


3 comments to A deep thought on Harper and Omar Khadr

  • Oemissions

    We are losing our identity.
    I thought we were a country supportive of peace and justice issues.

  • robert

    the legacy of George Bush and Stephen Harper’s will be defined by the Khadr “show trial”. Two countries at the top of democratic heap have conspired to create that which both countries have labelled abomination.
    What is transpiring with Khadr now is an insult to human intelligence and bloody cowardly. Harper and Bush and all they represent should be damned in the human record. Both men should face trial in the Hague.

  • jay

    Scott: I agree with most everything you have written BUT please don’t rewrite history. Maher Arar was NOT rescued by the Liberals. His wife Monia and activists and the NDP forced the Liberal government to take what little action they finally did. Monia did NOT run and work for the Liberal Party. She ran and worked for the NDP.

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