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Saturday Sonata

Just a couple of brief points this Saturday morning.. first, my blog and I have  joined the new Liberals Online aggregator that has formed in the last week or 2.  I’ve no intention of leaving Liblogs at this point – I think its perfectly fine to be on both, and I note a few other Liberal blogs that are on both aggregators. An alternative Liberal blogging site isn’t a bad thing to have, in my view. I just hope they manage to change the colour cheme of the thing 🙂

Second, it was with some amusement on my part that I noticed  an email notice had been received to my Progressive Bloggers email account from CTV, asking me to watch their network for Inauguration Day coverage of President-elect Obama, with the claim they would have Canada’s most comprehensive coverage. I say with amusement because:

a) I wondered what prompted them to write me about this,

b) I wondered how many other bloggers also got sent this notice,

and c) I wondered if they’d read my personal blog or even Progressive Bloggers in general over the past couple months and somehow failed to notice that CTV isn’t exactly seen as neutral in its coverage of Canadian politics in our area by many.

Maybe now that  Duffy is gone, they think all is forgiven.


2 comments to Saturday Sonata

  • slg

    Fine as long as the new site (Curran) doesn’t become a venue for attacking Liberals/Ignatieff constantly which seems to be happening.

  • I didn’t get a notice from CTV.

    Also, several bloggers are already on more than one aggregator. Their blogs can be found on Progressive Bloggers, Liberals Online, Liblogs, Blogging Tories, New Democrats Online, Blogging Canadians, Non-Partisans, and others. Heck, Grumpy Voter is on both Progressive Bloggers and Blogging Tories.

    I’m still ticked off that I didn’t get a car when I saw Oprah. I did get a front row seat when I went to the Steve Wilkos show. When I think about it, getting a front row seat on his show is a not-so-good thing. That seat is usually reserved for the morally deprived. Wilkos doesn’t let you sit on that seat when he’s yelling at you.

    Wilkos: “Skinny, stand up you slimeball! You’re a slimey progressive blogger who supports the Single Transferable Vote. Isn’t that like supporting and participating in wife swapping? You make me sick! Get off my stage!”

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