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Who should replace Mike Duffy? I endorse Kady O’Malley

… and that’s who I voted for, but there are plenty of other choices in this online poll, so go ahead and vote!

Who Should be the Next Host of “On The Hill”
AKA – Who is the next Senator in waiting?
Rosemary Thompson
Bob Clark
Graham Richardson
Bob Fife
Jane Taber
David Akin
Charles Adler
Steve Paiken
Kady O’Malley
Ben Mulroney
Jason Cherniak
Jean Lapierre
Joe the Plumber
Monte Solberg
See Results

4 comments to Who should replace Mike Duffy? I endorse Kady O’Malley

  • Anonymous

    Kady will go after a Liberal government with equal vigor. She is an equal-opportunity-pain-in-the-neck.

    And FUNNY.

  • @Reid – Apparently you don’t like the fact she holds the government’s feet to the fire when it makes a rather glaring contradiction in it’s stories and spin. It’s not Kady’s fault this Conservative government does that on a constant basis.

    Ask Stephen Taylor if he thinks she’s got a Liberal bias – I’d suspect he’d tell you no.

  • @Mike – Then Kady needs to be replaced before she even gets the job. It’s already obvious Kady is pro-Liberal biased. Kady is a Liberal shill.

  • No journalist should ever be friendly or cozy to the government, no matter which government. That alone removes about 3/4 of that list.

    “On the Hill” should be about finding the truth and freely debating issues and you can’t do that when you are a former government MP or so obviously pro-government that you will give them a pass or help them out, like Duffy did.

    So I picked Kady. And if a day comes when it becomes obvious that Kady is pro-Liberal or pro-NDP, replace her.

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