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Senate news: Independent senator joins Liberals

I’m not really sure whether this means much, but I thought I’d pass it along from a Liberal press release that passed my way:

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff today announced independent Senator Lillian Dyck has joined the Liberal caucus….Senator Dyck was appointed to the Senate in 2005 by Prime Minister Paul Martin as representative of Saskatchewan. Before her appointment, Senator Dyck was one of Canada’s leading neurochemists, whose research was instrumental in the development and patenting of new drugs to aid in the treatment of diseases such as Parkinson’s, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s.

“I am pleased to join the Liberal caucus today because I believe that Michael Ignatieff is the best man to lead Canada in this period of economic uncertainty,” said Senator Dyck. “I look forward to working with my Liberal colleagues in the Senate to help build a brighter future for Canadians.”

It would be more exciting of course if it was one of the independents from the elected House that crossed over to join, rather then an appointed Senator, but it’s still nice to see. It would be interesting to hear from her what exactly prompted this move.


4 comments to Senate news: Independent senator joins Liberals

  • Rolltide

    A senator, appointed by Paul Martin, is joining the Liberals, exciting news, for sure.

  • Andrew is right, it will mean that the Liberals will continue to have a majority in the Senate into 2010.

  • Sean S.

    It means there are at least 2 confirmed Liberals in Saskatchewan!

  • One thing it means is that after all the retirements this year (12), and assuming Harper is still in power after the last retirement on Dec 12 this year, the Liberals would have 2 more seats then the Cons would instead of just 1. Not much, but when its that close, every seat counts.

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