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NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!

I hate redundant blogposts, so all I’ll say with regards to the matter of Canadian Cynic’s challenge, just read what Red Tory published, and you’ve more or less got my view (regardless of whether I agree or disagree with Jason and the Liblogs advisory panel’s editorial decisions).


12 comments to NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  • Yeah, it took awhile, but I finally figured it out, and I had to switch back to the old version of bloglines to pick up your feed, then convert back to beta bloglines.

    For some unconventional feeds, it’s the only way…dunno why? anyway, reading again…

  • Dan

    RT’s response was pitch perfect. While I normally enjoy reading CC taking the piss out of, well, a lot of people, this was a bit silly.

  • @Aurelia – I can’t help you there… because I dont know what the problem might be. I can subscribe to my own blog’s feed (http://scott my Firefox browsing program just fine.

  • Heh. Great title. Very apt.

  • Hey you, kind of a separate issue, but as I was checking my bloglines to see if you had written about this, I realized that I cannot pick up the feed for this new blog url. I’ve tried before, right after you switched, and again today, but it doesn’t show up. I can get it as part of Liblogs, or progblogs, but not you and you alone.

    I’m not having that issue with other blogs, so I’m wondering what’s up. Any ideas?

  • I read this post and expected three people in red robes to come bursting into my room…


  • This is all very tedious. If Jason wants to censor, then that’s his prerogative. What the rest of the Liblogs have to do is either challenge the media assertion that he runs things, and that his opinions represent the entirety of the Liblogs and/or leave.


  • I don’t have any opinion one way or another about Liblogs and how it is run. However, I must say that I LOVE the title of the post!

  • I was being facetious, probably not a good thing to do. It seems we have another one of those classic Canadian bitch fests going on that I would prefer not to get involved in, I’ll bow out now. My mistake.

  • Jason, er, I mean Liblogs, has an advisory panel? Well isn’t that special.

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