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Something off-topic today: Curling

A little different topic today from the usual politics. I’ve been at Norwich today watching the women regionals taking place at the Norwich Curling Club. The top 2 teams go to the provincials, which is the level of curling just below the Women Curling National Championship (otherwise known as the Scott Tournament of Hearts).

Among the teams entered into this regional are Sherry Middaugh’s team, a well known and very good team, and Anne Dunn’s team. Anne has been a world senior women’s curling champion before, so this regional has got some very good teams entered into it. From what I’ve seen, the Norwich Club has done a great job hosting such an important curling event. It’s also good to see the OCA (Ontario Curling Association) give little curling clubs like this (in a town of 1000) a chance to host such important events.


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