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“Iggy is too uppity to be a leader”

That will apparently be the Conservatives – or at least the Blogging Tories – line going after Ignatieff come the next election, if this blogentry of Stephen Taylor that was highlighted over at Macleans is any indication. Apparently, Harper’s attending more hockey games then Ignatieff shows he has the appeal to the common man, or something, while Iggy being the grandson of a Russian czar is supposed to invoke negative connotations; maybe Mr. Taylor is inferring that Iggy would betray our oil rights in the Arctic under the melted Arctic ice to Vladimir Putin, or something.

By the way, let’s take a look at how much empathy and how many similarities Harper has with the “everyday Joe” with his love for the game of hockey:

At times, Harper’s answers to questions by host James Duthie were as fascinating as the play on the ice. When Duthie asked Harper which was “bigger” — watching his son, Ben, score the winning goal in a kids’ hockey tournament or Monday night’s junior game — he said, “As Prime Minister, I’d have to say the game [Monday night].” Harper did note that Ben’s goal was a “thrill.” Still, the guess here is that many and perhaps most fathers would have said: “Nothing beats watching my son play hockey.”

A real “family guy”, eh? I hope Ben wasn’t watching that interview; it might give the poor kid an inferiority complex. It reminds me of the time just after Harper first became PM, where he stiffly shook his young son’s hand as he went off to school, rather then give the kid a hug. The scary thing is, those now infamous turtleneck sweaters Harper wore in his ads during the campaign to try to show how cuddly and soft and and “every day Joe” he is almost got him a majority, before his true colours showed up late in the campaign, and Quebec saw through them – and him.

Beware a wolf in sheep’s clothing (and be aware of Blogging Tory forked tongues).

UPDATE – Jan 7, 8:17 am: Another take on this by Impolitical. And, I’ve just read a little snippet over at Red Tory’s place, where he reminds everyone what Taylor said not too long ago in a little lecture to the Liberal Party:

From the time of Trudeau, your party has had an unhealthy fixation on personality over policy, indeed style over substance.

And yet, Taylor is now more or less in a blogpost lauding Harper, this so-called “man of the masses”, because everyone apparently is going to vote for him and recognize Harper’s empathy for them, because of his public appearances at hockey games, and his love of hockey? A little inconsistent position I’d say for Stephen, and a tad rich, even for him.


7 comments to “Iggy is too uppity to be a leader”

  • Taylor is a partisan boob who will write whatever clap trap and nonsense is the current talking points in the war room.

    He’ll change his mind again, next time Tom Flanagan does.

  • Ah, playing the elitist card.

    Taylor: “From the time of Trudeau, your party has had an unhealthy fixation on personality over policy, indeed style over substance.”

    Sure. Right. All those Liberal budget surpluses were insubstantial?

  • Oh how Michael hates that name, Iggy. which was given to him when he and his brother Andrew were young. More like Count Michael Ignatieff, if you read about the family history.

  • @Dr.Dawg – I’ll take Iggy’s chances against Harper’s.

  • Didn’t some US Republicans think that Barack Obama was too uppity to be president of the USandA (United States and Alaska)?

    “Barack the Magic Ne-ro…”

    I wonder if Iggy is uppity because the Blogging Tories are worried that he may be a better team-leader than Harper.

  • In truth, Scott, Iggy does lack the common touch.

  • 1777

    I have a hard time bringing myself to go to Blog Central ever since they added Taylor.

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