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Cutting edge journalism, and other misc tidbits.

Steve reads and summarizes Jane Taber over at his blog so the rest of us don’t have to. The thought that Jane might be the replacement for Mike Duffy on CTV’s politics show makes my head hurt a bit, as we’d have to put up with this type of “analysis” on a daily basis. Thank goodness for Don Newman.

First miscellaneous thought: Are Blogger’s links and trackback/pingback system still a tad screwy? There have been, as many know, random trackbacks to blogposts from Blogger blogposts several weeks old, but now I’m finding that WordPress seems to have difficulty pinging or sending trackbacks to Blogger blogposts. I realize that people who have Blogger blogs have to manually enter in the trackback/link from a non-Blogger blog, but usually WordPress is still able to tell me the Blogger blog has been “pinged” or sent a trackback, but it hasn’t been able to of late. It also may be because of something the new WordPress 2.8 release is doing or not doing, so to all of you who have the newest WordPress release who might be experiencing similar issues, or to any who use the Blogger format, feel free to expound on what may be the issue.

2nd miscellaneous thought – I’m off to another Christmas dinner this afternoon with my grandparents… though this one will be a tad more pea-soupy and a “white” Christmas in a slightly different way.


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