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Attitudes from the top ooze to the bottom

Everyone knows by now the story of Conservative aide Georganne Burke, who has been reported in news accounts of threatening to cut funding to a school for disabled Jewish children if they did not cancel a Hannukah ceremony where they had invited Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to attend it. Everyone also should know she does have a past history of being a bit of a militant.

However, there does seem to be a bit of a pattern with the Conservative government’s attitude. That particular over-the-top attitude emanates from their leader, Mr Harper, and you’ve seen it “trickle down” in Question Period the past 2 years from his Ministers and MP’s, who cannot control themselves when it comes to partisan cheapshots. You’re now seeing it in their aides too, apparently.

Ms. Burke should be disciplined for this act, if she did this threat… but its best for Canadians to remember that this mindset of total war with the opposition over all events, and not just in parliament, starts at the top with Harper.


3 comments to Attitudes from the top ooze to the bottom

  • catherine

    The CTV ran this story on December 24 and, 3 days later, not a single Conservative official has disputed this allegation which has a minister’s aide threatening “serious damage”. Mary, I can see from the false slurs you throw around (slurring both Ignatieff and the Rabbi in one go), why you would support the Conservatives and their sickening tactics.

  • mary

    How could she have threatened to cut school funding if schools are provincially funded? Did the Rabbi misspeak, or did he merely misunderstand? What did Iggy’s people promise the Rabbi in return for his having notified CTV?

  • It is a conservative trait that crosses borders into Bush territory. Cheap, tawdry and totally in character with the anything goes Con mindset.

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