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Special auto adviser to Harper resigns.

Do you sort of get the feeling Harper doesn’t get along with people who knows more then him about a specific issue or policy? His special auto adviser resigns, just 3 weeks into his appointment:

“We never came to terms, at least from the federal perspective,” said a high-ranking official…Instead, Ottawa will rely on internal advice on how GM, Chrysler and Ford can be made more competitive. That suggests Canada is unlikely to follow U.S. President-elect Barack Obama’s lead and appoint an auto czar to oversee the companies.

The news article pointedly states that  Jim Arnett would remain on as special adviser to Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty:

A senior Ontario official said Arnett was “providing us with useful advice on the package that was released Saturday” and the timing of his resignation from the federal post was coincidental. “We think his advice is valuable to the province and we will continue to use him. He will certainly play a role advising the province,” said the provincial official, praising his “expertise” and business savvy.

Arnett was not available for comment yesterday, but sources said he “couldn’t reach the appropriate terms of reference” with the federal government.

My interpretation of that is he wouldn’t be a Conservative government “yes-man” and shake his head in agreement robotic-like at every move they made.

Hopefully, he will elaborate a bit more publicly on what exactly he and Harper didn’t see “eye-to-eye” on.


4 comments to Special auto adviser to Harper resigns.

  • Harper’s legacy. “Does not play well others”.

  • Harper might be better off without an advisor who champions a bailout for the Big Three. Handing out billions to lethargic and mismanaged companies does nothing improve competitiveness and protect Canadian jobs in the long run.

    But that doesn’t mean government should sit on its hands. In fact, government needs to invest much more, but do it in a much smarter way. There is an alternative to bailout or bankruptcy and it involves giving all Canadian manufacturers a chance to compete for government investment.

    You can read more about this idea here:

  • janfromthebruce

    Perhaps the problem is related to the obvious fact that Arnett wasn’t an leading “auto czar.” Arnett was a former president and CEO of Molson Inc., a beer company. When one starts treating “all widgets” as the same and just productive units of exchange, one gets the sense that any kind of automotive expertise is irrelevant to the bottom-line.

    Any kind of bailout of US owned companies has to have job and production in Canada guarantees – a good jobs. The last time McGuinty bailed out the automaker, they took the money and ran out. That sure was a crappy deal for us taxpayers in Ontario. What are we doing wasting our hard-earned money going South of the border with nothing to show for it Ontario except a pink slip.
    When we had the autopact, we ensured that our made in Canada product was made by our CAW workers and kept jobs here.

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