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“Snow-mageddon – Wave 2”? (and other random thoughts).

Well..  Snow-mageddon, Part 2 is imminent 🙂  Currently at the Environment Canada page, a winter storm watch has been issued for Southern Ontario:

Yet another blast of snow and wind on the way.. Next winter storm in the series tonight into Sunday..This winter storm is expected to have an expanding and intensifying area of snow as it moves into southwestern Ontario tonight and then races into remaining regions overnight and Sunday. Snowfall amounts will range from 5 to 15 centimetres over southwestern areas and near 15 centimetres in the Golden Horseshoe area and ski country. Higher snowfall amounts are quite possible this time over eastern Ontario as the storm intensifies on Sunday.

In preparation  for Part 2, I took the liberty of buying extra bird seed for the birds – peanuts, peanut hearts, and finch seed.. wouldn’t want the poor birdies to starve 🙂 (We also are stocked up on oil sunflower seed).

On a more personal note, if you’d like or want  to do something for the needy at Christmas, consider going to Sobey’s (or any of the other grocery stores who do this) and buying a package of groceries for the Christmas Food Bank drive.  There are 5 $ and 10$ bags of food, and you can leave the bag of food at the store at their designated drop-off area, or you can give it to the Salvation Army who are set up at the grocery stores right now.  Either way, they will see to it the food gets delivered to needy families at Christmas.  I bought a 5$ food bag today and left it with the Salvation Army, because I know there are a lot of people worse off then me who are really struggling in this area.

Consider doing it; you’ll be spreading Christmas cheer to those people who otherwise wouldn’t have any reason to be cheerful, and you’ll feel good when you do it.

UPDATE @ 5:30pm: The Environment Canada site has updated its warnings. We have everything from wind warnings to snowsquall warnings to blowing snow warnings to snowfall warnings depending where you are in the province, so check your area for specifics. I also note Vancouver and Victoria and Vacouver Island in general are about to have another BC version of Snow-mageddon their way 🙂


1 comment to “Snow-mageddon – Wave 2”? (and other random thoughts).

  • Carrie

    This is fun. But I’m in so much pain from shovelling yesterday, this is going to really hurt. Relatives are coming tomorrow…..I’ve got 3 shovels with their names on them 🙂 lol

    I stocked up on bird seed and suet today too. I have no idea how the wee little birds live through this weather.

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