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Scientists: “We hate to say we told you so, but we did”

Predictably, the unusual and extreme weather this past week (as illustrated by this amusing picture over at BCL’s of it snowing in Las Vegas)  has Kate and her Cultists at Small Dead Animals  shrieking about how this disproves global warming. Actually, it disproves nothing of the sort. “Global warming”, as has been repeatedly said by scientists, isn’t just a matter of  every place on earth getting warmer all of a sudden;  the climate change it produces was predicted to contribute to more extreme weather conditions, and I think there’s been ample evidence of that over the past several years.  Furthermore, as meteorologists point out,  the increased water vapour in the atmosphere from increased evaporation of the oceans due to global warming/climate change,  will actually cause snowfall to increase in some areas.

Lastly,  I wanted to  point out this sobering report that shows global warming and climate change that has caused the Arctic ice-melt has not only done what the computer models has predicted it will do, it’s actually done the melting at a far faster and accelerated rate then the models predicted – to the point of perhaps no return, with this blunt little statement for those people still in denial about  global warming, or who don’t wish to do anything meaningful to stop it:

Climate-change researchers have found that air temperatures in the region are higher than would be normally expected during the autumn because the increased melting of the summer Arctic sea ice is accumulating heat in the ocean. The phenomenon, known as Arctic amplification, was not expected to be seen for at least another 10 or 15 years…Computer models of the global climate have for years suggested the Arctic will warm at a faster rate than the rest of the world due to Arctic amplification but many scientists believed this effect would only become measurable in the coming decades.However, a study by scientists from the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) in Colorado has found that amplification is already showing up…”One of the reasons we focus on Arctic amplification is that it is a good test of greenhouse warming theory. Even our earliest climate models were telling us that we should see this Arctic amplification emerge as we lose the summer ice cover,” Dr Stroeve said. “This is exactly what we are not starting to see in the observations. Simply put, it’s a case of we hate to say we told you so, but we did,” she added.


9 comments to Scientists: “We hate to say we told you so, but we did”

  • Marie

    For you non believers that climate change is not man made, I strongly beg to differ. Have any of you ever heard the saying. Its not nice to fool mother nature. She is pretty powerful and is paying us back big with a vengence and all we have here is a bunch of losers claiming that man had nothing to do with it. If you are all so dang smart, why can’t you open your minds a crack or two & let a little common sense enter.

  • Rolltide

    @Scott Tribe

    The scientific community is not in aggreement that its man made. I do not believe it is, but I am not dogmatic about it.
    I remember being told of a new ice age back in the ’70’s
    Having said that, policies that curb pollution are essential to an advanced society. Good stewardship of our resources is common sense we all can favour.

    The name calling is unneeded.

  • Sean S.

    There really is no use arguing with those who can point to individual weather events or pictures of snow in Las Vegas as evidence to the contrary, the depth of ignorance is just too much.

  • Gayle

    Kate’s little website of hate is not designed to inform – it is designed to incite.

  • @rolltide

    You’re a fool if you believe that… but then.. folks like you always have trouble believing in the reality-based community, or the scientific community.

  • @Frunger

    The overwhelming consensus of scientists and researchers and people like meteorologists who are trained to know this stuff all say climate change is happening.

    When you can find me a majority of “scientists” who isn’t funded by the big oil companies or the right-wing screeds like the Fraser Institute denying that global warming isn’t happening.. get back to me Frunger.. otherwise, stop wasting your spiel – because outside of the modern day equivalent of the Flat-Earth Society.. everything you say and the ilk like you is not credible.

    Just to emphasize that point, here’s an except from meterologist Jeff Masters at his blog:

    Record snow events inevitably bring comments like, “so what happened to global warming?” First of all, no single weather event can prove or disprove the existence of climate change or global warming. One needs to look at the entire globe over a period of decades to evaluate whether or not climate change is occurring. It might be instructive to look at what global snow cover is doing this season (it’s about 10% below average, Figure 2), but this doesn’t mean global warming is occurring. This year’s reduced snow cover could be due to natural seasonal variations. Only global average temperatures, when viewed over a time scale of decades, can prove or disprove the existence of global warming. Global average temperatures, when averaged over a decades-long period that removes the “bumps” associated with natural seasonal weather fluctuations, show that global warming is occurring.

  • rolltide

    Climate has always been changing for millions of years, and man has nothing to do with it.

  • Frunger

    It’s pretty convenient for the global warming enthusiasts to claim they were right no matter what the weather is, locally or globally.

    See, snow in Las Vegas! We told you so.
    See, hurricane in Cuba! We told you so.
    See, global average(whatever that means) went up .05 degrees! We told you so.

    But when a report come out says things like 2008 is the coldest year in a decade (Hadley Centre) everyone can just ignore it.

    When a belief becomes a faith, you can justify anything.

  • HoityToity

    KKKate and her crew of monkeys are no different than the people who supported the nazi’s. Once they realize climate change is real, they’ll be the bunch standing there scratching their heads wondering how the hell did that happen. Hopefully by then she’ll be living in some beach front property.

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