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..And the winner for most bizarre statement in 2008 from an anonymous Conservative staffer is…

this one:

“Suffice it to say that my boss, like most ministers, is probably shocked by the number of people emailing him to patriotically offer their service to their country by deigning to accept a Senate seat,” said one political staffer.

So, there you have it. In Conservative-land, if you’re questioning human rights abuses in Afghanistan by their security forces with prisoners that we’re handing over to them, you get attacked as being allies of the Taliban. However, if you send in a request to become a Canadian Senator in order to help Harper and the Conservatives stack the Senate with their cronies,  you are a patriotic Canadian doing your duty to your country.

Additional observation: For all the talk Harper has had of  democratically reforming the Senate, perhaps this big flood of applications shows his fellow Conservatives aren’t as keen to lose the Senate as the primary place of patronage appointments for a government.

He should, as a supposed democratic reformer, find that dismaying – though I suspect this principle of his, like others before it, has been discarded.

(H/T Impolitical)

Update Bonus Observation: Maybe we should start a contest to guess which Conservative staffer of what minister came up with that doozey of a statement.


8 comments to ..And the winner for most bizarre statement in 2008 from an anonymous Conservative staffer is…

  • Why would you want to be anonymous if you are being sarcastic?

  • rolltide

    This was a combination of self depreciation and sacrasm. Liberals could never take humour. Lighten up, your being too stuffy, and unlikeble.

  • aaron

    Oh lighten up. You seem to be the only one who didn’t get it. And you didn’t get it because you’re always looking to paint these guys are pure evil. They couldn’t possibly have a sense of humour could they?

  • Angelle

    I think that the application they receive should not be limited to “Conservatives” but that anyone who can put together a resume should apply. If nothing else, it would create an opportunity to more of Harper’s staff to utter inane comments.
    On another note, I believe that at the end of it all,once Harper is finished with his “stimulus” package, the cost will be greater that the green shifts was dammed for. And we will have nothing to show under than a deficit- with very little innovation nor long term solution to create and sustain jobs and our economy. ….such is politics in Canada in 2008 and beyound.
    Have a great Holiday….

  • @aaron

    Nothing said in the piece indicated the staffer was being sarcastic. And with this particular lot, I don’t doubt he/she believes what they say and/or meant what they said as quoted.

    Kind of ironic that you’re accusing me of being hyper-partisan.. when this has been one of the most hyper-partisan bunch in power in living memory.

  • aaron

    lol. I love outrage directed at sarcastic comments. It tends to put hyper-partisanship on full display for all to see.

  • I thought I detected a note of sarcasm from the staffer as well.

  • Anonymous

    I think he was being sarcastic.

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