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I endorse Mike Duffy going to the Senate as well.

So courtesy of Mr Bowie, we find out that Stephen Taylor, mastermind of the Blogging Tories, has endorsed the Duffster getting a Senate seat appointment – courtesy of Mr Harper’s  “I must destroy the Senate (and my principles) to save it (and them)”  manoeuvrer, when he does his rumoured 18 Senate appointments sometime in the next month.

I actually will join Stephen in also endorsing Duffy getting a Senate seat, because it means the show Duffy hosts might actually get a host/hostess whose Conservative biases are a tad less evident.  However, I’m not sure Jane Taber (who I’d guess would be first in the running to replace Duffy if his Senate appointment occurred) would cause me to want to suddenly watch the show over Don Newman, to be honest (particularly after seeing her interview with Michael Ignatieff a couple of weeks back, where she went after him with every Conservative talking-point imaginable in bemoaning that the Conservatives might be voted down).


8 comments to I endorse Mike Duffy going to the Senate as well.

  • OnTheRock

    If you watched Mike Duffy regularly it was plain to see he was a conservative. I have to wonder about Mike Duffy’s journalistic ethics in using his position in the media to obtain a senate seat.

    I would have to agree with Democracy Watch that appointing a political journalist raises question about the independence of the media. How long has Mike been vying for a senate seat and using his position to influence the Canadian public in the conservatives favor? Is this legal? Who will be the next political journalist to be courted for a seat on the senate? I guess we can only wait and see.

  • Ann J P

    You are spot on! I could of written this article myself! Let’s hope someone who isn’t so blatantly biased will host the political talk show. I love listening to all sides but when the host obviously sides with one party, it just turns me right off watching.

  • Dave Rutherford was his replacement when he was getting operated. Not sure that’s a step up…

  • I wonder if Steve Murphy is going to get rewarded with a Senate seat as well?

  • rolltide

    You guys are uptight over Duffy. The guy is nothing but a marshmallow (Kinsella’s words). He lobs the softballs to everyone.

  • Jane Taber is the worst political journalist in Canada. She is nothing but a gossip columnist who believes good journalism involves cornering people with rumours and vacuous allegations and then summarizing their responses with her own preferred interpretation. She is better suited for Entertainment Tonight or e-Talk daily.

  • Why should the Duffman get two seats in the Senate? Oh yeah!

  • I thought he was trying to save the Senate in order to destroy it? Oh, it’s all so confusing…

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