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Who gets fired this time over Chalk River’s shutdown/isotope shortage

Courtesy of Runesmith, we find that Chalk River is having more trouble:

Isotope shortage to delay medical tests across Canada

OTTAWA – Canada’s doctors have been told to rush patients into clinics this weekend if they need tests or treatments requiring the use of medical isotopes, Canwest News Service has learned. More than half the world’s medical isotopes are produced by Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., at its Chalk River, Ont., facility. That Chalk River reactor, known as the NRU, was shut down for more than a month last November, sparking a global medical crisis and a domestic political crisis. Production at the NRU has been interrupted again this month – so much so, nuclear medicine specialists have been told to plan for a sharp reduction in isotope availability next week.

…Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt did not respond to requests for comment on the matter

The Liberals sent out an email reminding everyone what happened last November the last time this occurred, when it was shut down over safety violations:

Last December, Chalk River was shut down by Canada’s Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). Parliament had to pass emergency legislation in order to restart the reactor and restore the isotope supply. The Conservatives proceeded to try and cover up their own failings by firing Nuclear Regulator Linda Keen only 12 hours before she was to testify before a House committee. Both Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL) and the CNSC launched a joint review of this incident to ensure that this couldn’t happen again.

Well, it HAS happened again. So, I’m wondering who the Conservatives are going to fire this time. Has anyone in the Natural Resources Department or related departments done anything of substance since the last time this occurred? It would appear they haven’t.


1 comment to Who gets fired this time over Chalk River’s shutdown/isotope shortage

  • JAWL

    I wonder if they ever installed the back up gear yet that Keen shut them down for last year.

    Maybe the media should try contacting the new Regulator as he would have be aware of all shutdowns.

    Of course they probably have a gag on him.

    Despite the obvious gotcha political embarrassment opportunity, there should be some public safety concerns here.

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