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Some more endorsements.

It’s been understandably a tad slow of late with Liberal blogs and who they endorse for Liberal leader; the events of the past week have understandably caught everyone’s attention. Now after a week’s lull, we’ve had 2 additional ones going into the Rae column: The Independent Partisan, and Blogging if necessary but not necessarily blogging.

Whether these and the rest of the list of blogs who have endorsed a candidate turn out to be a moot point will depend on what the LPC executive decide to do on Wednesday. If there is still a formal leadership convention in May, then I’ve no reason to remove the lists. An item related to that; if Dominic Leblanc is indeed bowing out of the race later today as reported, I’ll remove the blogs off of the Leblanc list and reclassify those blogs as “neutral” until they declare.

(Still no sign of John Manley jumping into the race.)

UPDATE @ 10:23 am: Canadian Rosebud comes out in support of Iggy.

UPDATE 2 @ 11:11 am: Maxwell’s House supports Iggy.


4 comments to Some more endorsements.

  • Ignatieff will be the leader on Wednesday regardless of who is endorsed or what the membership thinks.

  • roll tide

    I saw Wilfert endorse Iggy on CTV. He seemed resigned to endorse him only because he has the most caucus support.

    The good news for the Liberals is that one poll showed Iggy just a few points behind Harper if an election were held today.

    With the stain Dion and the coalition inflicted on the Liberals, their best bet would be to install Iggy Wednesday, and hope Rae’s leadership ends quietly.

  • I don’t intend to endorse anyone, but I have been actively promoting 2 candidates (I hear one is dropping out tomorrow).

    I figure my “endorsing” someone doesn’t help keep party unity first and foremost (especially given some of the bitterness than can arise).


  • who do you like big scott?

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