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Make Parliament Work rally in Ottawa draws thousands.

From the wire on CP, describing a very well attended pro-Coalition rally at Parliament Hill today:

Thousands of people rallied on the steps of Parliament Hill today to support a coalition of opposition parties who tried to topple the Harper government. The crowd wasn’t deterred by the chilly weather and word that Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean allowed Prime Minister Stephen Harper to suspend Parliament until late next month. Many waved signs that said “Coalition – Yes! Make Parliament Work” and “I’m a part of the 62 per cent majority” – a reference to the combined vote share of the opposition parties in the last federal election. Liberal Leader Stephane Dion told supporters Harper was forced to recant on contentious elements of his finance minister’s fiscal update because of pressure from the coalition.

There are more events being held tonight around the country and on Saturday (which is on December 6, which I gave the other folks grief for for holding it on the Montreal Massacre anniverary, so I’m a bit disappointed our side felt the need to do this as well). Check out the Make Parliament Work website for times and locations of those rallies.

UPDATE: Grabbed a couple of photos from the Ottawa rally:

UPDATE 2: More photos and more on the rally here. Here’s a key paragraph from the story that’s quoted over there at Erik’s place:

Turnout at Ottawa protests are often tepid compared to the outpourings at sister rallies in Toronto, Vancouver, and smaller Canadian cities like Hamilton and Halifax. But with more than 2,000 supporters turning out for the daytime rally, every indication is that subsequent demonstrations will be even bigger.

The Blogging Tories Rally for Canada organizers are claiming they have popular support on their side. Initial indications are we will have just as many supporters on our side advocating our cause.


3 comments to Make Parliament Work rally in Ottawa draws thousands.

  • Well, look! See how broken people like Roll Tide are? Some private polls reveal that majority of Canadians don’t support Harper, and they still think he’s a “winner.”

    We are supposed to be governed by a majority of Parliament, not a minority.

  • Roll Tide

    Replicated by
    Ipsos- Cons 46 Lib 23….
    I knew the Liberals would lose support, thought the Conservatives would lose support as well, I was wrong.
    This coalition is dead.

  • Roll Tide

    This linked above has website above several Canadian Peace officers as Nazi’s. If the Liberal Party wants to associate themselves with this nonsense then they definintely are moving away from the Canadian mainstream.

    CBC just released a poll from Ekos Cons 44%
    Liberal 24%….Don Newman looked stunned.

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