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A hint of Harper’s do-nothing stance on the economic crisis.

This blogpost this AM by the Mound of Sound over at his blog kind of got lost today in all the prorogue shuffle, but it’s a rather blatant example not only of the apparent lack of respect that the current Democratic Congress (and perhaps by extension, the new incoming Obama administration) has for the Harper government, but also underscores what little the Harper government has done on the economic crisis to date, and why they’re in the mess that they’re currently in – prorogue giving them a reprieve notwithstanding. Here’s part of the quote Mound listed from

When Clement and Bryant came to town to confer about help for the auto industry, they found mostly closed doors…very difficult to explain in except as a jarring illustration of Canada’s lack of prestige in the U.S. capital. The gossip is that the senior congressional players, faced with intense domestic policy pressures, didn’t want to meet with Canadians who had no auto industry ideas to bring to the table. It is astounding that Canadian ministers would visit Washington with nothing to discuss, but the apparent hubris demonstrated during the visit belies the Harper government’s entire response to the economic crisis-—it is all someone else’s problem and they are just disinterested observers.

Not very encouraging that the Harperites would have that attitude, and the economic update showed they have continued that do-nothing attitude. The other factor is that Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress owe the Harper government nothing, particularly after Harper’s officials tried to screw Obama in the Ohio primary.

That is another thing to think about whether this government – either under Harper or someone else – can get heard in Washington, after they allowed their ideology to cloud their judgement back then, continued to do so at their attempted meetings, and followed it right on thru to their economic update. The pattern would suggest no.


3 comments to A hint of Harper’s do-nothing stance on the economic crisis.

  • Sure, tax cuts are a great help to the unemployed!

    As if!

    Stupid Cons: The unemployed don’t pay taxes, and can’t wait for unpredictable trickle-down economic effects to _perhaps_ happen.

  • Roll Tide

    Memo to Obama
    60% Americans oppose Auto bailout.
    Be carefull Harper, don’t get sucked this swill. Chapter 11 first.

  • Roll Tide

    Let the Americans blow their money down the sink-hole. Our stimulis should be handed to the Canadian people, via more tax cuts. If the big three auto sector declares chapt. 11, maybe.
    In the meantime what Harper did for Toyota at Cambridge makes more sense for the taxpayer.
    Liberal MP Jim K. of Scarborough just trashed Dion and the coalition of ctv newsnet. He was one angry MP. Especially after what happened last night.
    Wilfert on Jim K., he is entitled to his opinion.

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