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Harper to ask Governor-General for prorogue tomorrow.

..or that’s what I’m guessing, but he’s going to be visiting her Excellency at 9:30 am tomorrow AM, and the only reason I can gather that he’s going is to ask/plead/threaten Jean for a prorogue of the House.. unless he drops by occasionally to have a coffee with her, and just wanted to make the announcement to psych everyone out.


12 comments to Harper to ask Governor-General for prorogue tomorrow.

  • roll tide


    Think if you get Dion as PM.
    How is he going to control Jack with the media, that man loves the limelight, and will walk all over Dion. Ducceppe won’t be much better.. Last night was a taste of the inept coalition. Think for one moment, Iggy see’s this as a toxic soup, that is why he is stepping back right now.
    Nobody wins in this, except the NDP and the Bloc, and Liberals are starting to see it, that is why we need a cooling off period.

  • Oh because we can believe everything Fife says. He’s as bad a liar as the PM is.

  • roll tide

    @Bene D
    It was late because they had to do so many re-takes, and it was still a mess. Colonel Jack, and Ducceppe were livid as well.
    This coalition is inept. Liberals are telling Fife they secretly want a prorogue as well.

  • CTV reported that is the request to prorogue isn’t granted PM Steven Harper will resign immediately.

    I’m also wondering about why the Dion tape was late. Man no way when you are given air time do you have a late tape.

    The Lib spokesperson is livid, and rightfully so. I read it was shot on his daughters webcam.

    Anyone know why was it late?

  • wilson

    ”It’s a political document, not a legal one.”

    You said it not me.
    think about it

  • Oh, Wilson… It’s a political document, not a legal one. If the coalition becomes the government, it would be political suicide for the next Lib leader to unilaterally change the terms of the agreement.

  • wilson

    You do realize that a contract is not legal when all parties to the contract are not specified…..”the next Liberal leader” is not a legal party to a contract, and would not be bound by the terms of the contract he/she did not sign.
    General election in May

  • Not coffee Scott.. he looks like he needs a drink..

  • Roll Tide

    Outcome of all this:

    Harper has hurt himself with soft Quebec.
    Liberals have hurt themselves with the West and rural Ontario.

  • Kind of odd that Harper would want to see Mme Jean now. Since taking office, it’s my understanding he’s only met with the GG a half dozen times at most.

    Most other PMs have made a point of seeing the head of state regularly, following the example in the UK where the incumbent resident of 10 Downing meets with the Queen one weekly while Parliament is in session.

    If Harper’s showed that lack of courtesy towards the GG, I can only imagine what her answer will be: Face the music, schmuck (or whatever the equivalent is in French or Haïtian Creöle).

  • I’m still scratching my head over Harper’s bizarre behavior. He’s talking to his base and pissing off everyone else. His PR campaign is counter-productive to his cause, killing the Conservatives in Quebec, mightily pissing off Quebecers, not doing one thing to restore confidence in the House or give anyone any thought that he’s able to work with others.

    Given all this, will he really try to prorogue? Or does he have another idea? Perhaps he will try to force the GG to call an election by threatening to quit. He may feel, with some justification, that Dion is so inept that his best bet is to take him on again.

    I have no idea, but I will not be surprised if something surprising happens tomorrow morning.

  • Roll Tide

    Guelph Liberal MP Frank Valeriote has come out against the “Coalition”

    Any more sane heads in the Liberal caucus

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