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Constitutional experts say coalition has legality, precedent

One thing the Conservatives have been trying to do is to try and paint the coalition pact as illegitimate: even going so far as to call it a “coup d’etat” and other such hyperbolic nonsense. This is done with an obvious eye toward the public and more specifically, toward the media in an attempt to influence what they say in their editorials that the public reads.

The coalition can however rebut such scream of “coups” with constitutional experts and folks who study political science as a profession. One such example is Professor Peter Russell, who Impolitical noted at her blog as having written an article in the Star this AM saying that “Constitution and precedent are on coalition’s side.”

Another is Professor Nelson Wiseman from the University of Toronto, who often gets quoted by the media. He too agrees that the Conservatives talk of illegitimacy is nonsense:

Wiseman dismissed Harper’s attacks on the coalition, who reportedly called it an ‘undemocratic seizure of power.’ “The Conservatives are arguing it’s undemocratic, but actually elections don’t elect governments,” said Wiseman. “They elect Parliaments. Parliaments make a government. Parliaments can break a government.”

When the Conservatives cry “coup”, their arguments can easily be dismissed as fear mongering. Quoting constitutional experts and academics like the 2 examples above is an excellent way of doing that.

UPDATE: Another such article from Professor James Laxer, (who also happens to blog).


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