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First major poll: pluralities support removing Harper govt, favour opposition coalition.

One of the major Conservative talking points online has been “Look at the polls that Global and CTV have put up at their sites! 70 – 80% are against what the coalition is doing!!!”


Those are not scientific polls, and one thing Conservatives both in the US and up here are good at are “freeping” online polls to make it look like their views are the majority view. Real polls are what count, and we have our first real poll out this evening from Angus Reid on the unprecedented goings-on in the past few days, and guess what, the numbers don’t favour Harper or his Con-bots:

35 per cent saying the party should continue to govern and 40 per cent wanting change, according to an Angus Reid Strategies poll for CTV News.

In addition, when asked what should happen if the government were to fall, a slight plurality would favour a coalition government:

* Opposition coalition: 37 per cent
* Holding a federal election: 32 per cent
* No sure: 24 per cent
* Allowing the opposition to run by accord: 7 per cent

If the opposition ran the House of Commons by accord, it would mean one ruling party with the support of one or more parties who do not have MPs with cabinet posts.

The big poll result out of this tho: a overwhelming number of Canadians support a stimulus package, which just happens to be the cornerstone of the coalition- 75% want a stimulus, a paltry 17% against. So there is room to grow for our side, but we have plurality opinion on our side at least in this first poll, and these numbers show that so far, Canadians haven’t been swayed by Conservative fear-mongering.


4 comments to First major poll: pluralities support removing Harper govt, favour opposition coalition.

  • A non-emu's opinion

    Here’s a fun thought. Last election, it was widely supported that the largest drop in people coming out to the polls were liberals.

    I wonder if the Conservatives have really thought that through in their screams for an election.

  • Roll Tide… ridiculous. That’s just rhetoric.

    There’s nothing the Bloc can do to further separatism without splintering the coalition. Actually, this is what you’re arguing. So the most the Bloc can get are economic and social concessions favourable to Quebec — something Harper was trying to do before he stuck his foot in his mouth during the election.

    In 2004, Harper went after a coalition with the NDP and the Bloc, or at least went after support for an accord. He didn’t seem to mind the Bloc then.

  • Roll Tide

    The more Canadians look at this separatist-liberal-ndp coalition, the more it smells.
    Duceppe said today that this coalition will further Quebec separation.
    Parizeau will come out tomorrow in support. The stench will sink in.
    Liberal grown-ups will rise and it will fall apart. I see it happening.

  • Ron

    The beautiful thing about polls (and stats) is you can always use them selectively to prove your predetermined opinion. For example, since 35% oppose the coalition, you could say Conservatives are holding their support from the last election. Since 37% support the coaliton you have to ask what happened to the remainder of the 65% who voted Liberal/NDP/Bloc? Also, and I am sure it was a error, you failed to highlight that a full 64% were concerned over the idea of Dion being PM; let the PR begin but you’ll have to find something more substantial than poll numbers because, actually they don’t help you when you look below the surface.

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