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Conservatives & Harper drop to new lows in demagoguery

Harper today in QP descends to a disgusting new level in his flailing attempts to save his sorry skin, as Aaron Wherry of Macleans points out:

“Mr. Speaker, yesterday, as part of the culmination of the machinations of the leader of the NDP, we had these three parties together forming this agreement, signing a document, and they would not even have the Canadian flag behind them. They had to be photographed without it. They had to be photographed without it because a member of their coalition does not even believe in the country.”

Unfortunately for the Prime Minister, this was untrue. Yesterday, the three opposition leaders sat behind a table on a small riser in that same room and explained their intentions. Behind them stood the flags of each province and territory. On each side of that row of flags, a Canadian flag. And so having wrapped himself so tightly in the Maple Leaf, Stephen Harper had promptly soiled himself.

Harper has been described before as one of the most partisan Prime Ministers in the Commons that any observer can remember, and that was before his job as Prime Minister was in peril. Today, he has also shown he is the most demagogic. He spews lies. He and his Conservative Party uses the Republican tactic of questioning one’s patriotism, calling the Liberals “traitors” for example today in the House.

This boil in Canadian politics must be lanced, and the sooner the better. Getting rid of Harper is not only in the best interests of Canada.. but in the best interests of the Conservative Party, as hopefully some over in that party who have any sense of decency left, are slowly starting to realize.


5 comments to Conservatives & Harper drop to new lows in demagoguery

  • Roll Tide

    It is a given that the Liberals hate Harper. Political rhetoric from Harper is no different then Chretien, Trudeau or Pearson. The question is should the Liberal party risk its federalist credentials and come into an agreement with a separatist party that is committed to the destruction of its country to satisfy their hatred of Harper.

  • crf

    Even if Harper’s fantasy were true, what does it matter? Does having a flag behind them really affect the ideas they’re conveying?

    Working hard is patriotic. Keeping your mind focused on your goals is patriotic. Thinking clearly in a time of crisis is patriotic. Listening and considering other opinions, even those you disagree with, is patriotic. Politicians doing these things advance the country’s interests. But when you have no useful thoughts to convey, furiously waving the flag simply as a distraction risks cheapening it and the country it stands for.

  • We will need all the help we can get to counter act the Harper propaganda machine.
    It looks like Harper himself could be our greatest asset, if he continues to crank up the over the top rhetoric like in the HoC today it will probably help, Canadians generally get turned off when they see and hear images of Harper being Harper

  • Cough

    Not to mention being on the front page of a half dozen newspapers.

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